Tuesday, June 22, 2010


San Francisco
San Francisco Kickapoos (NL)
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LAST SEASON RECORD: 119-43 (1st  Div) (#1 Seed in playoffs)

OUT: Al Harding F/A (Manatees),  Pablo Duran F/A (Aztecs), Jerome Stevenson F/A , Fernando Park Traded (Tobacco Farmers), Stretch Daly Traded (Tobacco Farmers), Joseph Maeda Waived

IN: Rich Rando F/A (Moonbats), Diego Mercedes Promoted, Justin Cust R-5, Oscar Li R-5

SUMMARY: Good News: Kickapoos made it back to the World Series .Bad News: They lost to the  Moonbats. Good News: But thats alot better than 30 other teams in Wrigleyville. Bad News: His players got a year older and want to get paid. So Mark Increased his cap to 105 Million and let A trio of players go to Free agency because of outragous salary demands. He then traded 12 million in salaries by trading Daly and Madea.He then picked up ageing Rando for next to nothing.  Promoted a nice young prospect and picked up some bargins in the R-5 draft. Now Mark has a 12 million cushion to wheel and deal for a juisy SS prospect.

PREDICTION:110-52 (1st in division)

Tucson Ectoplasm (NL)
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LAST SEASON RECORD: 99-63 (2nd Div) (5th seed in playoffs)

OUT: Les Guerrero F/A (Spittoons), Jose Martin F/A (Christian Beavers), Alfredo Stull F/A (Christian Beavers), Jim Schwartz F/A, Karl Speier F/A (Turkeys)

IN: Rick Bradford F/A (Turkeys), Ben Davis Promoted, Vincenzo Piper Promoted, Shea Powell Promoted, Theodore Pittinger Promoted

SUMMARY: Its not an apperation its the Ectoplasm with the 5th seed in the playoffs. I know i sound like a broken record but i'll say it again. This team would have a half dozen Division tropheys if they played in another division. So Snowedin continues to field one of the best teams in Wrigleyville and hopes for a little luck in the playoffs. He raised his cap to 110 million and let several players go to the Market . Some wanted to much money others were getting long in the tooth. But its allright ,Snowedin has a bunch of youngsters to replace them . He did sign 1 free agent to a 1 year 4.4 million contract.I'm sure Snowedin is hoping that his 107 million in salaries wins him the Big one.

PREDICTION:95-67 (2nd in division) (Wild Card)

LAST SEASON RECORD: 84-78 (3rd Div)

OUT: David Nunez F/A (Aztecs), Brandon Martin F/A, Larry Montgomery Released (Silverhawks), Dixie Darr Released

IN: Sean Pellow F/A (Stars), Vin Brooks Promoted

SUMMARY: Here come the Wind. The previous owner sonneboy always fielded a competative team. So HoopCoach decided to roll with what he's got and see where this team is . Hoopcoach Let pitchers Nunez and Martin leave to test the free agent market. Then he released a couple more Bullpen arms in Montgomery and Darr. So to replace them that left. He signed big time free agent pitcher Sean "Feather"Pellow and promoted pitcher Vin"number"Brooks. Its also been reported that to pay the higher salaries .Hoopscoach has been promoting "Breaking Wind Wednesdays" at Lawrence-Dumont stadium. Its all the Beanie Weanie and Sourkraught you can eat with paid addmission.

PREDICTION: 81-81 (3rd in Division)

LAST SEASON RECORD: 73-89 (4th div)

OUT: Dennis Burke F/A (Hipwaders), Amos Loiselle F/A (Injuns), Kenny Hart F/A, Norberto Telemaco Released, Tiny Anderson Released

IN: Willie Martinez Promoted, P.T. Peron Promoted, Dennis Lee Promoted, Kelly Grabowski R-5

SUMMARY: I figured i would finish about .500 last season . So it was a disappointing year to say the least. I have decided to spend a couple of seasons rebuilding . I went about it by allowing some Free agents go and i picked up some Comp picks for my trouble. I promoted super IFA signing Martinez and brought up a couple average prospects. I then grabbed a R-5 SS with fine defensive ratings and will hit Lefties nicely. I will have to sit him against Righties.

PREDICTION: 62-100(Last in NL)

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