Wednesday, September 29, 2010


LAST YEARS RECORD: 93-69 (Last years prediction 78-84)

IN: Leon Griffiths , Freddy Rodgers , Fernando Calvo , Hick Boucher , Lyle Ruffin

OUT: Tony Matos , Phil Dunwoody , Vic Bellhorn , Rick Scott , Luis Campos , Frank May , Tom Henley , Raul Ozuna

SUMMARY: The Knights suprised me with a 93 win season.With the future looking bright in Boston ,avantrealmade several moves. First he allowed Matos,Dunwoody,Bellhorn,Scott,Camposand May go to free agency. Then he released Henley and Ozuna.To fill the holes by the departed he signed Rodgers and promoted Calvo,Boucher and Ruffin. Finally he claimed Griffiths off the Wire

PREDICTION: I think the Knights Had one of those years where every ball bounced their way. I'll stick with the same Prediction. 78-84

Indianapolis Indians (AL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD: 88-74 (Last years prediction 85-77)

IN: Albert Coleridge , Evan Thomson , Ugueth Jimenez

OUT: Amos Loiselle , Brandon Martin

SUMMARY: Ardthomp's Injuns made their first playoff appearence last year. And with his success Loiselle and Martin asked for more money and Ardthomp said "Kiss my loin cloth". So to free agency they went. Ardthomp replaced them with new injuns in Coleridge , Thomson and Jimenez.

PREDICTION: Ardthomp and the Injuns hit the warpath and will be looking for scalps again this year. Time to circle the Wagons in the A L East .84-76 wild card

Hartford Crushers (AL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD:84-78 (Last years prediction 95-67)

IN: Ozzie George

OUT: Gary Farrell , Walt Hill , Keith Dolan , Sean Cambridge , Matt Dransfeldt

SUMMARY: The Crushers couldn't win their 5th strait division crown and missed the playoffs last year. ARomano isn't about to panic so he let Farrell , Hill ,Dolan, Cambridge and Dransfeldt leave the team. He replaced them with last years call ups and a free agent player(George).

PREDICTION: I think the Crushers had an off year And i believe they will bounce back and win the East.95-67

Cincinnati Howlers (AL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD:79-83 (Last years prediction 81-81)

IN: Keith Dolan , Benjamin Hunter , Jung Li , Amos Loiselle , Santiago Torres , Oswaldo Castilla , Rafael Jacquez , Placido Cruz

OUT: Norm Daniels , Neil Pierce , Deivi Moreno , Jason Beltran , Bart Maxwell , Napoleon Ledee , Keith Simas

SUMMARY: It's been a couple years since the Howlers made the playoffs and that has jmuhtoff Growling. He let Daniels , Pierce and Moreno go to free agency. Then he released Beltran and Maxwell. He also trades away Ledee and Simas. Jmuhtoff was busy bringing in free agents Dolan , Hunter , Li , Loiselle , Torres and Castilla. Spending 25 million on the half dozen new howlers. Then he Promoted Jacquez and Brought in CF'er Simas in a trade with the Moonbats.

PREDICTION:  The Howlers brought in a bunch of new talent. But can they play together. also this division has some very good teams . I think they improve but just above .500. 82-80

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