Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Beautiful Memphis Tennessee

Hello Wrigleyville fans . I.B.Lyon here reporting on the miraculous climb of the Mempis Blues.Seven years ago tchagnon took over a team that needed  direction. TC suffered through 4 losing seasons before breaking even in his fifth season. Then last season the Blues won thier division. This year they won it and catapulted to the title.
It wasn't easy to defeat the Moose who beat the Kickapoos in the LCS. But Memphis dispatched the Moose in 6 games to win it All. Game 6 was a Classic with the Blues tying it up in the ninth on a single by Bailey Gil. This was the second Blown save in the world series by the Moonbats closer Dan Evers. We went in to extra innings and both teams scored in the 12th .Then the Blues busted out the bats and scored 3 runs in the 13th on a Edgard Torres home run to cement the win.The Moonbats faught to the end but came up short when they hit into a game ending Double play.
We caught up to Tchagnon and the team at the beautiful Peabody Hotel. The entire team was dressed in outlandish costumes with TC at the lead. They marched thru Dowtown Memphis with Blue fans cheering the entire way. And i was reminded of the victorious Legions returning to Rome after a great that and a gay rights parade in Frisco.
The parade ended at the Chocolate City strip club where the drinks were flowing and the Chocolate was HOT!!
Well my fellow wrigleyittes its time for me to jump into some chocolate and we will see you next season on the Whif. Now where did i put my whip cream???

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