Monday, September 27, 2010


San Francisco
San Francisco Kickapoos (NL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD:131-31 (Last years prediction 110-52)

IN: Pete Torres , Andres Romo , Andre Scanlan

OUT: Rich Rando , R.A. Ward , Jerome Stevenson , David Vazquez

SUMMARY: The Kickapoos lived up to Their name after kicking butt and taking names last season. Mark decided to let Rando and Ward go to free agency and picked up a few Comp picks in exchange. He then released Stevenson and traded away Vazquez. He signed Torres to play CF and picked up Romo in the R-5 draft. He then traded for Scanlan to platoon with Torres  in CF.

PREDICTION: Nothing can stop the Kickapoos except for Injuries. And this is the year they win it all. 120-42

Tucson Ectoplasm (NL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD: 86-76 (Last years prediction 95-67)

IN: Sammy Romero , Neil Pierce , Xavier Arnold , Happy Wengert , George Cordova , Trent Kingston , Buster O'Connor

OUT: Deion Cedeno , Rodrigo Merced , Rick Bradford , Dale Gordon , Torey Chavez

SUMMARY: This Perenial Wild Card playoff team was again a Wild Card . Snowedin let Cedeno , Merced , Gordon and Bradford go to Free Agency. He picked up a shitload of Comp picks including the 17th pick. He also released  Chavez. Then Snowedin signed Romero , Pierce and Arnold to free agent contracts. Then in the Immortal words of Joe Pesci "Here come the Utes" The Ectos Promoted Wengert , Cordova , Kingston and O'Conner.

PREDICTION: The Ectos let some very good players go but Promoted a quartet baby Ghosts. Will the youngsters continue the Ectos hold on the #5 seed??? My take is... 90-72 Wild Card

LAST TEARS RECORD: 82-80 (Last years prediction 81-81)

IN: Ricardo Ortiz

OUT: Orlando Morales , Ed Norman , Andre Scanlan

SUMMARY: Hoopcoach had a pretty decent first year. He let Morales and Norman go to free agency and traded Scanlan to San Francisco . The he promoted  Ortiz to fill his roster.

PREDICTION: Hoopcoach Lost some talent on this squad and I think he's picking up Prospects to put together a contender in a few years.72-90

LAST YEARS RECORD: 77-85 (Last years prediction 62-100)

IN: None

OUT: Herb Kelly

SUMMARY: My team suprised me with a 77 win season. I let long time slugger "pass the Herb" Kelly go to free agency. Nobody picked him up so we will probably see him in the HOF soon. LOL.

PREDICTION: My team is still waiting on some youngsters to come of age and then we will pick up some blue chips to compliment them. But until that time this team will finsh 62-100

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