Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Helena Barking Moonbats (AL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD: 98-64 (Last years prediction 102-60)

IN: Harry Saberhagen , Deion Cedeno , Matt Abbey , Barney Livingstone , Napoleon Ledee

OUT: Eric Ryan , Max Valdes , Justin Gabriel , Freddy Rodgers , Placido Cruz

SUMMARY: The Moonbats are always a force in Wrigleyville. And last year was no different , winning their 5th strait Division crown. Sordie first let Ryan , Valdes , Gabriel and Rodgers enter free agency. Then traded away Cruz to Cincy. He brought in free agents Saberhagen and Cedeno and Promoted Livingstone and Abbey. Ledee was added in the afore mentioned trade with Cincy.

PREDICTION: Nothing has changed here the Moonbats are still a very good team. But the turkeys may give them a run! 100-62

Albuquerque Turkeys (AL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD:89-73 (Last years prediction 93-69 wild card)

IN: Frank Dwyer , Bill McCracken , Jesus Mendoza , Dennis Burke , Nicholas Meluskey , Jack Twitchell

OUT: Albert Coleridge , Calvin Rivera , Dewey Wall , Mario Hunter , Tyler Carey , King Evans , Alex Tarasco , R.J. Torres , Welington Vizquel

SUMMARY: Like my Magic 8 ball predicted the Turkeys made the playoffs. This made new Pappa Jared very happy. Between the late night feedings he let Coleridge , Rivera , Wall and Hunter go to free agency. Then he released Carey , Evans and Tarasco and traded Torres to New Orleans. Finally he waived Vizquel and he was picked up on the Wire. Then he went a shopping in the Market and signed Dwyer , McCraken , Mendoza , Burke and Meluskey. Finally he brought in Twitchell in a trade with N.O.

JAREDS PREVIEW: If revenge is a dish best served cold, then playoff disappointment is the mixed drink with not enough alcohol (like a whisky sour with too much sour mix…blech).

Albuquerque backed into the playoffs in season eleven, entering the postseason on its worst skid of the year. The trend continued, as the Turkeys fell in four games. This season, a few new faces join the fray with the pennant in mind.
-Nicholas Meluskey and Jesus Mendoza. Backup parts. Meluskey could start somewhere else, but I was specifically looking for a good catcher to spell Ted Dixon.
-Jack Twitchell and Bill McCracken. They fill the spots in the rotation vacated by the departing Mario Hunter and Karl Spier. While not children, the new pairing saves some money and age without compromising quality.
-Dennis Burke ad Frank Dwyer: Two new arms in the bullpen allow the Turkeys to make a few changes. Gone are Albert Coleridge and Calvin Rivera from long relief duty. Al Gomez's 6.00+ ERA and 14 blown saves in 61 chances earned him a move from closer to long relief. Joseph Hyun got $4m out of arbitration and slides into the closer role.
The starting lineup looks very similar from last season. Staked by Dixon and should-have-been-the-MVP Johnny Stone, Russell Haynes, Adrian Webster, Rico Trevino and Josh Greene flank the core. Harry Pena anchors shortstop, while David Boyd and Eric Brooks look to build upon last year's league leading team batting average (.292) and on-base percentage (.358).

PREDICTION: I think Dixon will play with a Chip on his shoulder and take it out on opposing pitchers. But the Moonbats are in the way and that makes the Turkeys a Wild Card team. 95-67

LAST YEARS RECORD: 73-89 (Last years prediction 70-92)

IN: Bruce Hartman , Richard Buckley , Sammy Galvez

OUT: Ronnie Jones , Jarrod Mann

SUMMARY: This is my good friend from CRD .It's his first time playing HBD and itsamiracle is hanging in there. He let just a couple of players go in Jones and Mann. Then he promoted 3 nice players from the minors and is settling in nicely.

PREDICTION: this is Gene's first season and while I'm helping to guide him .We all know how difficult the first seasons are. I Know all of you will lend some advice to itsamiracle when he ask's. It's the Wrigleyville way afterall. Itsamiracle  will finish at 65-97

San Diego
San Diego Salmonbellies (AL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD: 60-102 (Last years prediction 85-77)

IN: Rey Suzuki , Vic Bellhorn , John Abe , Pep Tamura , J.R. Burnett , Jerome Stevenson , Luis Cortes , Jorge Blanco , Len Carver , Glen Trujillo

OUT: Keith Ferguson , Eduardo Sanchez , Yorvit Moreno , Paul Dong , Glen Cuyler , Christopher Locke , Gene Eaton , Harry Saberhagen , Socks Griffin , Frank Dwyer , A.J. Fischer

SUMMARY: Hmm...The Salmonbellies had a rough year last season. I remeber several key injuries early on and that made mdymond raise the white flag by the All-Star break. So it was out with the old and in with the new. He let Ferguson , Sanchez , Moreno , Dong , Cuyler , Locke , Eaton , Saberhagen and Griffen go to Free Agency. Then if that wasn't enough he released Dwyer and traded away Fischer. Now he had to replace all them old salmonbellies with new improved salmonbellies. So he signed Bellhorn , Abe , Tamura , Burnett and Stevenson. Then mdymond promoted Cortez and Blanco .He picked up Carver in the R-5 and traded for Trujillo . Finally he claimed Suzuki from the Waiver Wire.

Mdymond's Preview:  not sure what to say about my team - but I've done a lot of overhaul from last year. 4 new pitchers - of which were waiver claims. I'm calling up Blanco soon to be my catcher and my trade with Trujillo for my DH. Cortez takes over center...I made alot of improvements. Bullpen's alot better - signed some cheap good veteran relievers - bellhorn, burnett, stevenson. NOt sure if I'm going to make the playoffs but .500+ is my goal 88 wins would be a franchise records.edit note: 4 new starting pitchers of which 2 were waiver pick ups.
PREDICTION: Mdymond cleaned house and brought in a bunch of new faces. Will it bring a playoff team? It's hard to guess whether or not they will GEL . Magic 8 Ball says 81-81

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