Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Stars (NL)
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Last years record: 101-61 (Last years Prediction 87-75)

IN: Rico Posada , Alex Tarasco , Dee DeHart , J.B. Battle , Thom Sellers

OUT: Adam Pierce , Oswaldo Castilla , Wiki Arias , Santiago Torres , Charlie Christensen , Quinn Hatteberg

SUMMARY: After beating up on his N L South brothers all season. Jmas410 went into the playoffs with a great record and the 3rd seed. Then they met up with the Ectos in the first round and were beaten in a tough 5 game series. It looks like the Stars kept thier core intact and resigned Clyde Ratliff to a new contract. The team then let Castillas and Torres go by way of free agency and picked up several comp picks in this years draft. Jmas then promoted some youngsters(Battle ,Sellers). And brought in a couple of players in trades(Hart,Hattenberg). Finally he plugged a couple holes with low level Free Agents.

PREDICTION: The Stars are the Kings of this division. And until the others teams show some signs of life. It looks as if they will win it again next season. 99-63

New Orleans
New Orleans Hip Waders (NL)
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Last years record:73-89 (Last years prediction 82-80)

IN:  Hughie Leon , Ronnie Jones , Tony Matos , Phil Dunwoody , Vic Crane , Rico Martinez , Carlos Castilla, Ed Frazier , Denny Keough , R.J. Torres

OUT: Donn Harris , Bryan James , Nicholas Meluskey , Tony Soriano , Doug Pierre , Lonny Carpenter , Dennis Burke , Frank Day , Jack Twitchell ,

SUMMARY: After the Hip Waders sprung a leak last season. They now sport a new pair of Waders and look to venture in the deep water of the playoffs. They cleaned house and allowed a bunch of players to leave via free agency. Lags did pick up a couple of Comp picks for Carpenter and Meluskey. He resigned Roger French to a new contract. Then he went out a shopping and brought in a bunch of new Waders in the offseason.  Trades with St louis and Albuquerque plugged the holes.

PREDICTION: Its always hard to tell wheather a bunch of new players will Gel. With that said the Hip Waders have improved in both Pitching and Hitting. But not enough to win the Division. Perhaps a Wild Card is in the Forecast. 83-79

Jacksonville Manatees (NL)
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Last years record:72-90 (Last years prediction 85-77)

IN: Raul Iglesias

OUT: Chuck Sosa , Rey Suzuki 

SUMMARY: Fresh Manatee MEAT!!! After spending a fortune on free agent Al (I Like It) Harding last season the Manatees went the conservative way. Sand waived Sosa and Suzuki and brought in a R-5 pick(Iglesias). Sand hopes the Manatees get better with age. Hmmm...Aged manatee Meat!!

PREDICTION: My friend Sand is standing pat with the team he put together. With 6 million in cap space left , he may make a move if his team gets into the playoff race. Maybe a year will help this team gel. My guess is they will finish around .500. 81-81

Charlotte Chimps (NL)
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Last Years Record:56-106 (Last seasons prediction 70-92)

IN: Gabe Roberts , Vic Armas , Walter Fitzgerald , Alex Mateo , Omar Perez , Shawn Terry , Jim Roundtree , David Vazquez

OUT: Cecil Graham , Spud Canseco , Scott Baker , Emmanuel Guzman , Chris Hornsby

SUMMARY: It seems that last years Chimps could Fling Poo, but not much else. Now Wylie has to clean up the mess. So he Resigned Rob Smith .Then he let Graham and Canseco got to Free Agency and released several other players. Wylie then claimed Roberts and Arias off waivers and signed Mateo and Fitzgerald to contracts. He then Promoted Perez and Terry . Perhaps Terry to soon. Then the Chimps picked up an R-5 player(Roundtree) .And Finally he pulled off a trade with S.F. for Vazquez.

WYLIES TAKE: The starting lineup:

Catching duties will probably be split between Rob Smith and David Vazquez. Both can hit, but neither is exactly a defensive standout
Stud prospect Omar Perez gets his shot at 1b, with J.D. Brantley available if Perez isn't ready.
2B Allen Garcia, acquired via trade at the end of last season will try not toi embarrass himself or the Chimps at 2B
3B Rule V pickup, Jim Roundtree moves over from 2B to man the hot corner. He's got the tools, but it remains to be seen if the translate well to the big leagues.
SS Willie Sampson mans the SS position until on of the young, highly touted prospects, Dixie Stankiewicz or Freddy Stahoviak ( gotta love those names) are ready)
RF - Albert Brito will hit 30 - 40 HRs for the Chimpts but he won't do much else
CF - Geronimo Candelaria is on the downslope of his career, and the Chimps are looking to trade him.
LF - The fairly useless Miguel Perez gets the nod in LF because there's no one better in the farm system
Starting pitching - Alex Mateo is the cae of the staff mainly because no one else is even clkose to an ace. Not that Alex is but he's the best we've got.
Dicky Wilson and Dwight Webster will each pass 200 innings and hopefully give the Chimps if not a chance to win, that at least a chance to not lose by very much.
The last two spots in the rotation will be manned by young lefties, Shawn Terry and Chris one in the Chimps front office knows what to expect from them.
The bullpen is the epitome of medicore as well.
In conclusion, the thing the Chimps do best is throw poo, or maybe play like poo. We'll be lucky to sniff .500

PREDICTION: The Chimps had thier worst season to date. But after many showers and some disinfectant .The Chimps made some bold moves and are definately a stronger team. I look for them to improve to above .500 and may get in as a Wild Card. 86-76

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