Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Kansas City
Kansas City Spittoons (NL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD: 96-66  (Last years prediction 91-71)

IN: Stu Stewart , Jarrod Mann , Lee Stroud

OUT: Diego Gandarillas , Cesar Hernandez , Les Guerrero , Roger Kirkland

SUMMARY: The Spittoons are the Spitting image of last years team that won this division.They also played in the DCS and lost to a Tough Kickapoo team in 3.. Zee did make a few tweakes to his lineups. He let 3 players go to Free Agency(Gandy, Hernandy, Guerry) and released Kirky. Then he brought in Stewert , Mann and Stroud from the Free agent market.

PREDICTION: This squad is pretty close to last seasons .While Mann will improve the Bullpen,  i'm still not sure the 2 catchers signed in the offseason are gonna help.They are still the favs to win tis division. 96-66

Seattle Supersonics (NL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD: 72-90 (Last years prediction 70-92)

IN: Wiki Arias , Javier Lopez , Enrique Cordero , Santiago Rodriguez , Theo Hartgraves

OUT: Vernon Banks , Heinie Ramsey , Mack Manning

SUMMARY: I predicted that Kevin would finish 70-92 and 4th in the division. He finished 72-90 and second in the North. This is an improvement on his first season in Wrigleyville and i'm sure he will get this team in the playoffs soon. He let 3 players go by way of Free Agency or outright released them. He then signed 3 free agents in the offseason . Spending 13 million on the trio of Arias , Lopez and Cordero. Kevin promoted a nice player in Rodriguez and picked up a R-5 player in Hartgraves.

PREDICTION: Kevin will continue to improve this team . If it looks like he's out of it by the All-Star break . He will unload some talent and pick up some youngsters. I think with the newest F/A's and Young Rodriguez the supersonics will finish at .500. Unless kevin holds a fire sale. 81-81

LAST YEARS RECORD: 70-92 (Last years prediction 71-91)

IN: Jackie Glover , Keith Williams , Aurelio Javier , Walt Hill , Hugh Glover , Justin Snyder

OUT: Hughie Leon , Benji Cervantes , Pete Sewell , Alfredo Blanco , Greg Lanier , John Abe , Jung Li , Frank Vanguri , Vic Armas

SUMMARY: The Toyotas finished about the same as last season. Sandberg wants to get back to the playoffs after 2 disapointing seasons. With that in mind he let a Myriad of players go to free agency . Then he resigned a half dozen that nobody wanted(Eduardo Castillo , Todd Tanner , Rick Houston , Albert Runyan , Mark Liniak and Jackson Brooks). Then he signed an aging Hill and promoted Glover from AAA. Finally he grabbed Snyder in the R-5 draft.

PREDICTION: It's always hard to get a handle on Sandbergs moves. But he does have his own philosophy . And it may catch lightning in a bottle one of these seasons. But with no big time signings or aquisitions look for the Toyotas to finish under .500. 71-91

Milwaukee Sturgeon (NL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD: 60-102 (Last seasons prediction 81-81)

IN: Adam Pierce , Jacob Marshall , Santos Mercado , R.A. Ward , Juan Alvarado , Chad Frazier , Andres Gomez

OUT: Rob Rivers , DaRond Brow , Rico Posada , Freddie Mohr , R.J. Hutton , Santos Martinez , Lucas Myers , Glen Trujillo

SUMMARY: The Sturgeons stunk the place up last year. Having thier worst season to date,  Pat knows there is only one way to go. Up..Right? First he let Rivers , Brow , Posada , and Mohr go to Free Agency. Picking up a couple comps for Mohr. He released Hutton and Martinez and traded away Myers and Truijillo. Pat recieved Gomez in one of the trades and will start on the bench. He resigned Ken Hardtke and signed several Free Agents . Including superstars Mercado and Ward. Finally Pat promoted Frazier.

PREDICTION: I'm not sure if my magic 8 ball was on the fritz or Pat had a Fire sale. But i sure missed this prediction. With the addition of Big time free agents Mercado and Ward  this team will win more games. This team has the Highest payroll in Wrigleyville. Money does not buy a winner. 75-87

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