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Portland Pandemonium (AL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD: 85-77 (Last years prediction 95-67)

IN:  Tom Henley , Billy Savage , Albert Vazquez , Homer Miclat , Roger Richard

OUT: Aaron Ross , Lee Stroud , Benjamin Hunter , Bill Lowe , Bill Rivers , Don Dickson , Neil Delaney

SUMMARY: man this used to be one of the stoutest Divisions in Wrigleyville. But last year the Pandemonium were crazy happy to win it with 85 wins. Pbsilver let a bunch of players go to free agency and released Delaney. Portland resigned Rob Prinz then signed Savage and Henley in the market. Then in a cost cutting mesure Pbsilver picked up 3 R-5 players(Vazquez, Miclat and Richard).

Pbsilver's Preview: This offseason the Pandemonium allowed some high priced mediocrity to wander off, and picked up a little bullpen help and some hopefully semi decent rule 5's. The core of the line up that one the division the last two seasons is back and I'm hoping that pitching will take us to our third in a row.

PREDICTION: pbsilver lowered his payroll by 7 million and went the conservative route in replacing departed Free Agents. With the Improvement of the Dogs they may not win this division again. 89-73

LAST YEARS RECORD: 80-82 (Last years prediction 100-62)

IN: Mac Suzuki , Rich Rando , Cecil Graham , Bump Peters , Felix Ramirez , Walt Nation , Brady Sefcik , Juan Guerrero

OUT: Virgil Pulido , David Cervantes , Mel Tessmer , Alex Mateo , Stuffy Knorr , Dude Cosby , John Daniels , Brandon Thomson

SUMMARY: Not sure why my Magic 8-ball missed this one? But boy did i WHIF !!! I know that the Aztecs had a buttload of injuries and maybe they raised the white flag by roster expansions. My expectations may have been a Bit High. Ya Think! Anyways Kumbia let Pulido , Cervantes , Tessmer and Mateo fly to Free Agency. Then he Released good ole Stuffy and Dude(of HEE-HAW fame). He then Traded away Daniels, Thomson and there big contracts. The Aztecs started the rebuild by Claiming Suzuki off the wire,then they signed 3 low level F/A's (Rando , Graham and Peters) . Kumbia promoted Ramirez ,Finally. And finally he aquired Nation , Sefcik and Guerrero in trades.

PREDICTION: Kumbia lowered his overall Salaries by 25 million . Now he has about 10 million in wiggle room for the season. Look for him to buy some superstars if he is in contention by the All-Star game. If not he can use it for a tasty IFA. 81-81

Fargo Prairie Dogs (AL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD: 67-95 (Last years prediction 77-85)

IN:  Frank Wan , Rodrigo Merced , Ed Norman , Vic Chavez , John Daniels , Brandon Thomson

OUT: Juan Alvarado , Malachi Newson , Wayne Shea , Walt Nation , Brady Sefcik , Juan Guerrero

SUMMARY:The Prairie Dogs have come out of thier holes and are going for it. Aaron pulled off a trade with Chicago sending Nation , Sefcik and Guerrero for Daniels and Thomson. He let Alvarado , Newsome and Shea test the free agent market . Then he went a spending !!! Aaron spent 32 million on Merced , Norman , and Chavez. 

Aaronwaynes Preview: Dog fans, after sitting through back to back 65 & 67 win seasons, got a bit restless during the off season as they began to bite the hands of ownership. Citing the Dog's Florida Marlin's like payroll,they demanded at least two players make over the league minimum. Ownership got the message, but apparently added a couple of extra zero's, dang fax machine, as they splurged big-time, during the FA phase.Vic Chavez was signed to a 3 year, $47M deal, despite management being unsure as to where to actually play the talented Chavez. Chavez will provide speed, some pop, and hopefully average & OBP to a team that lacked high OBP players.Pitchers Rodrigo Merced and Ed Norman were also signed, finally giving the Dogs more than two actual Major League level starters. Dogs pitching coach Brian Watson exciting proclaimed,"no more 4A starters, I may finally be able to land a better job next season!" Then he realized who he was speaking to & stated that he was just joking. FA wasn't the only place the Dogs made some noise.The Dogs, after realizing they didn't know where to play Chavez, decided that they had better come up with one. They also discovered that they really didn't have a SS, at least one that could play all the time w/out hitting .179,so they jumped on a couple of deals from the Aztecs, who, for better or worse, have become a favorite trading partner. Hopefully the Dogs aren't the KC A's to Kumbiaking's Yankees. Gone from the Dogs is talented, but erratic Walt Nation ,paving a place for Chavez to play without hurting the defense. Picked up were SP Brandon Thomson and prospect Dan Jones ( who's on the block). Thomson gives the Dogs another actual big league level SP.When told that the Dogs picked up another SP, Watson said that maybe he'd stick around after all. Phase two of the deal was the real humdinger: SS John Daniels was picked up for Brady Sefcik &good looking SP prospect Juan Guerrero , who will be pitching at in the Bigs. So, with all the changes, how do the Dogs feel about Season 12? Cautiously optimistic, that's how. Are they ready for the playoffs?No clue, but this team should be competitive and if some of the young kids develop, they could make some noise. They everyday lineup has solid power and speed potentials, and a few players who should get on base and set the table.They will not be a strong defensive team and that is a concern, so the bench consists mainly of defensive specialist that can come in late in the game. The Dogs should have some decent SP. While they do not have a true ace,they have 5 guys who are all more than capable of putting together a nice season. The bullpen is a concern and will be watched closely. AAA has some arms that could help the pen out if needed. Long, and feel free to edit, thanks!

PREDICTION: Its hard to follow a preview like that so I'll keep mine brief, The Prairie Dogs have kept thier salaries low and it looks like they are making thier move. With all the fine young prospects coming up they are picking up some key players to show the youngsters how its done. I think the P Dogs will improve and vie for the division. If not this year ,perhaps next ? 85-77

St. Louis
St. Louis Silver Hawks (AL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD: 52-110 (Last years prediction 81-81)

IN: Matt Dransfeldt , DaRond Brow , Malachi Newson , Freddie Mohr , Don Dickson , Santos Martinez , Rick Bradford , Yorvit Moreno , T.J. Herman , Bill Wynn , Todd Purcell , Matthew Sutton

OUT: Javier Lopez , Victor Carrasco , Bump Peters , Wallace Oliver , Jesus Mendoza , Ossie Cook , Ozzie George , Guillermo Mateo , D'Angelo Montanez

SUMMARY: The Silverhawks have hit the bottom but do get the #1 pick in the draft. With one of the highest payrolls in Wrigleyville, Shynent Pretty much cleaned house . He sent 9 players out the door and resigned Willy Daniels , Jose Coronado , Fred O'Shea , Birdie Whitehill and Don Robinson. Then he went to the Market with some cash in hand and picked up several average but solid M L players. Then the Silverhawks promoted Herman and picked up Wynn and Purcell in the R-5 Draft. Finally Shynent brought in backup Catcher Sutton in a trade.

PREDICTION: You could say I was overly optomistic on last years prediction. But I thought a high dollar team could win at least 70 games unless they did'nt want to. I don't think this team is an upgrade to last season. 70-92

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