Friday, September 24, 2010


LAST YEARS RECORD: 108-54 (Last years Prediction 95-67)

IN: Art Matthews , Carlos Alvarez , Vic Martin

OUT: Vic Chavez , Omar Piedra , Zeus Hardy , Charles Cooke , Ben Porter

SUMMARY: The Moose trampled all the way to the Series and Lost to the upstart Blues 2 games to 4. Rugby and his Moosers are always a Force and are back ..intact. He let Chavez and Piedra head to free agency ,picking up a couple comp picks. Then he released Hardy, Cooke,Norton and Porter. Resigning Hades Norton. Rugby then signed Matthews to catch and promoted a nice young CF'er in Alverez. Finally he picked up SS Martin in the R-5 draft.

PREDICTION: The Moose almost won thier 2nd World Series and will probably contend for it again this year. 99-63

San Juan
San Juan Santurce Crabbers (NL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD: 105-57 (Last years prediction 96-66)

IN: Bryan James , Willie Oliva

OUT: Santos Mercado , Javier Paniagua , Bobby Stieb , Cesar Morales

SUMMARY: It was a battle down the stretch for the Division Crown. San Juan had to settle for a Wild Card berth and lost in the first round to the Spittoons. So in keeping this good team together rbedwell made just a couple of moves. He let Mercado and Paniagua go to Free Agency picking up a 1st and 3rd round Comp pick. Ralph then released Stieb and Morales .He then plugged the holes with Free agent James and promoted Oliva.

PREDICTION: the Proffessor Ralph has a great team and will definatly be in the playoffs again. Maybe even win this Division. Crabbers fans are happy with the success of this team, but want a World Series. I think they will go deep in the playoffs this year and perhaps win it all. Even without Mercado.101-61

LAST YEARS RECORD: 64-98 (Last years prediction 81-81)

IN: Lonny Carpenter , Charlie Christensen , Mario Hunter , Justin Gabriel , Felix Gao , Johnny Goldman , Travis Hocking , Furio Erickson , Pat Clark , Octavio Rodriguez , Frank Vanguri

OUT: Sadie Lewis , Tino James , Pete Torres , Fausto Ramirez , Wilfredo Pujols , Ted Montgomery , Bruce Coggin , Kyle Porter , Derrick Sosa , David Mateo

SUMMARY: Last year I said the "Tripods are in a rebuild mode". I think Boehnerm is coming out of it. He let 10 players go by either Free agency or Released outright. He spent 18 million on free agents Carpenter , Christensen , Hunter , Gabriel. Then he brought up the Rookies Gao , Goldman , Hocking , Erickson , Clark. Boehnerm picked up Rodriguez in the R-5 draft and traded for Vanguri in a trade.

PREDICTION: This team is much better but young!! With the Fab 5 of Rookies now in the Bigs the future looks bright in Trenton. But they still play in one of the toughest divisions. 84-78

Toledo Christian Beavers (NL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD: 59-103 (Last years prediction 70-92)

IN: Branch Nation , Emmanuel Caseres , Raul Castillo , Lucas Myers

OUT: Benito Lopez , Sergei Stewart , Alan Baumann , Todd Simmons , Enrique Cordero , Quinn Hatteberg , Andres Gomez

SUMMARY:  The Christian Beavers are in year 4 of the rebuild. They let free agents Lopez , Stewart , Baumann, Simmons and Cordero go. Then the Beavers then traded away Hattenberg and Gomez. Bkevin then signed free agent Nation for the minimum and promoted Caseres. he then grabbed Castillo in the R-5. Finally he brought in Myers thru a trade.

PREDICTION: The Beavers will continue to stock the Minors. And probably next year we will see some nice Rookies on the Beavers M L Roster. 70-92

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