Wednesday, September 22, 2010


LAST YEARS RECORD: 91-71 ( Last years prediction 90-72)

IN:  Keith Simas

OUT: Alex Quixote , Billy Savage , Denny Keough

SUMMARY: This is what I wrote in last seasons Preview. "Finally after many years of futility the Memphis Blues won there Division. Tchagnon announced that its time for the next step, to win a World Series." The Magic 8-Ball was working well that day. So now that TC has a world series title .I'll bet he wants to repeat. He kept the same bunch intact with a few minor moves .TC traded away Keough then released Savage and Quixote. he resigned Terry Lewis and brought in Simas via a trade with the Howlers.

PREDICTION: TheBlues shocked Wrigleyville with a World Series Title. And the exact same team returns this season. So i have to say that they are the favorites to win it again. But this season the A L South got stronger and they may get contested for the division crown. 95-67

Nashville Posse (AL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD: 82-80 (Last years prediction 75-87)

IN: Christopher Locke , Mack Manning , Denny Donatello

OUT: J.R. Burnett , Marcus Gross , Andres Contreras , Jeff Garland

SUMMARY: The Posse are a Solid club that always finishes around .500. Illicit's squad  was in the wild card race but faded down the stretch. He didn't make alot of moves but allowed Burnett , Groos and Contreras go to Free Agency. Then he released Garland. He then spent 12 million on free agents Locke and Manning and promoted Denny(Grand Slam) Donatello.

PREDICTION: The Posse are stronger this season. No longer are they a .500 team. I look for them to give the champs a run fer there money. If they fall short of the division the Posse will get a Wild Card 90-72

LAST YEARS RECORD: 81-81 (Last years prediction 83-79)

IN: Pete Sewell , Dale Gordon , Gene Eaton , Norm Perry

OUT: Phil Barber , Daniel Forbes , Bill McCracken , Doc O'Connor , Harry Vargas , Gabe Roberts 

SUMMARY: This team used to own this division .The Justice missed the Post season for the first time EVER! Now that the run is over, atprasad wants bck in the second season. He started by letting Barber, Forbes , McCracken and O'Conner head to Free Agency. Atprasad released Vargas and Roberts. Then he spent 14 million on free agents Sewell, Gordon and Eaton. And finally he picked up Perry in the R-5 Draft.

PREDICTION: This team took a step forward and a step back . The Justice had a hard time staying healthy last year. If they can keep off the DL they will fight for a wild card. 85-77

Charleston Tobacco Farmers (AL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD: 78-84 (Last years prediction 81-81)

IN: Lorenzo Torres , Sean Cambridge , Gary Farrell , Mel Bennett , Darren Baez

OUT: Xavier Arnold , Marc Allensworth, Andy Beck , Art Matthews , Russell Thurman , Victor Olivares , Chris Gold

SUMMARY: The Tabaky Farmers have fallen on hard times,finishing 4th again. The Good News is that they have improved the last 3 years. Nwsheehy will look to reach .500 this season and climb out of the basement. He let Arnold, Allensworth, Beck and Matthews go to Free Agency. Then he released Thurman, Olivares and Gold. Nwsheehy resigned Haywood Guerrero and spent 10 million on Torres , Cambridge and Farrell. He plugged dem holes with R-5 players Bennett and Baez.

PREDICTION: The Tabaky Farmers have improved but so has the division. I look for them to hit around .500. 81-81

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