Wednesday, September 7, 2011


  The Sound of Champagne Corks could be heard in the Locker Room of the San Francisco Kickapoos. After a 8 year drought the best reagular season team of all time brought the trophy back to San Francisco. I caught up with MARK3313 the CEO and chief bottle washer of the Kickapoos at the world famous Lous Pier 47 Restaurant and Blues Club  located at 300 JEFFERSON ST. Mark was sitting in a corner table working on a Bread Bowl filled with Clam Chowder. I slid into the booth when a very beautiful waitress served a round of 60oz Margaritas.
   I asked Mark how he felt winning it all again. Mark replied " It's sweeter this time " He paused , pushed the Chowder aside and began working on a plateful of Calamari. Then he said " When we won the back-to-back Championships in seasons 5 and 6 I thought we would win many more. But after 8 seasons of playoff disapointments i felt like we were cursed. Now that we exercised the playoff demons , I couldn't be happier."
With that Mark excused himself and bounded up on the stage to sing his rendition of Pinetop Smiths Boogie Woogie!!
  As i walked out into the crisp air of the Wharf district. I could hear Marks voice above the yelps and cheers of a jubilant Kickapoos squad. To me that was the happiest Blues Song i ever heard.Congrats Mark !! This is I B Lyon reporting for WHIF News.

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