Saturday, September 24, 2011


Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Stars (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: The Stars have won yet another Division title. The Tampa fans would like another World Series trophy and jmas is working towards that goal.I like the moves jmas made. And this team is my pick to win the division. And possably the N L. PREDICION:105-57

OUT: Hughie Leon , Edgar Ordonez , Clarence Christiansen , Toby Rogers , Willie Buckley , Sid Walsh

IN: Jamie Flaherty , Buzz Person , Aurelio Mercado

PREVIEW: The Stars finished pretty close to my prediction. They lost in the second round to a tough San Juan team. Jmas410 always has this team winning the division. And it's been a while since they hoisted a World Series Trophy. So in the free agent market, Jmas410 Lost a bunch of talent in Leon, Ordonez , Christiansen ,Rogers and Buckley. Last year the Stars promoted Flaherty , Person and Mercado to help plug the holes. But they still have 4 roster spots open on the 25 man Roster. With the loss of talent in the free agent market. The Stars will have a tougher time in the regular season. But if they pick up some key pieces. They may win the division again. Right now it looks like a step back year. PREDICTION:90-72

Santa Fe
Santa Fe Sergeis (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Segi did pretty well in his first year . This team was never going to contend and 71 wins was more than I expected. Meanwhile he picked up some nice draft picks .You know ....I like what I see in this rebuild and this team is my N L dark horse. They will be the most improved from last season. They should give the Stars a run for there money. Good Riddance Daniels Indeed!!PREDICTION:95-67

OUT: Brent Reuschel , Footsie Rogers , Tony Guerrero

IN: Miguel Piedra , Johnnie Hurst

PREVIEW: Santa fe was my NL darkhorse and while they improved . They fell short of my prediction by 11 games. Still Sergei should be happy with this teams improvment. Now in the offseason Sergei let Reuschel leave for the free agent market and released Footsie.Then he waived Guerrero and is waiting for him to clear waivers. Segei claimed Piedra off the wire and picked up Hurst in the R-5. It looks like Santa Fe is going with last years squad with a few tweaks. And with another year together, they may gel. With the decline of the Stars this could be their chance at the division pennant. PREDICTION:90-72

Austin City Limits (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: The Chips were still flying . And the fans in Austin are warming up their arms for the upcoming season.Not much of an improvment here but he may bring up some prospects from the Farm. PREDICTION:75-87

OUT: Andre Matthews , Willie Sampson , Bill Neagle , Eswalin Benitez

IN: Jeff Fisher , Don Nunnally

PREVIEW: Austin exceeded my prediction by 9 games. And they have settled into the Austin ballpark nicely. They are making baseballs fly out of the park , erasing the memmories of flying feces. So Wylie went into the offseason looking to make a few tweaks. He let Matthews, Sampson and Neagle go to free agency and waived Benitez. Then Wylie picked up Fisher in the R-5 and traded for Nunnally. Last year the promotions of  Destin Baldelli and Aramis Estrada helped a late season surge. This team is very young and talented. This may be the season of the City Limits. I think if they don't win the division now, it will be soon. My guess is... at least a wild card. PREDICTION:88-74

Jackson Black Bears (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: I blew another preview last year. I really felt that this team was ready to step up. Musta been a faulty set of Witch Doctor Chicken Bones.This year I don't feel this team improved. If Daniels plays like he's paid. This team may make a run but my newest set of Chief Bongwater Chicken bones say: Doubtful!. PREDICTION:82-80

OUT: Al Harding , Evan Swann , Albert Parker , Rico Park , Catfish Lee

IN: Danny Montana , Bobby Shaw , Benito Rijo , Wilfredo Brogna

PREVIEW: BBmogul lasted 3 years and his team steadily got worse. So he was forced to sell his franchise to olemiss33 . When Olemiss33 finally viewed his new team he had this to say "Wow....this thing is a mess. We are bad at every level, and really don't have any prospects to speak of.One last thing.....any chance the budget can be reset? This guy before me has left this thing in as bad a shape as any I have taken over."  Yikes!! He moved the team from Houston in the dead of night and relocated in Jackson. In the offseason he first let 4 players head to free agency and released Lee. Olemiss33 promoted Montana and Shaw then picked up Rijo and Brogna in the R-5 draft. Olemiss was dealt a bad hand. But he's making the best of it. Look for a fire sale soon. PREDICTION: 65-97

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