Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hartford Crushers (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: ARomano's Crushers barely won this division last season . It's due to the tough competition in this Division.The Crushers will always be in the mix at the end. But can they win the division again?? I'll have to break out the Chicken Bones for this prediction. PREDICTION:90-72

OUT: Osvaldo Cervantes , Ed Norman , Rolando Jose , Charlie Holt , Jose Calles

IN: Santos Mercado , Nicholas Bevil

PREVIEW: The Crushers finished pretty close to my prediction. And they won this division in spite of my Chicken bones. In the playoffs they went all the way to the LCS losing in 6 to a Good Charleston team. In the offseason ARomano let 4 players test the free agent market. Including injured Holt which saves the Crushers 6 million. Then he traded away the big bat of Calles. ARomano signed two free agent pitchers in Mercado and Bevil. The Crushers needed the extra money by departing free agents to give a couple of Extensions to some youngsters.(Danys Mota , Eric Durham) But the main core of this good team is still in tact. The Crushers play in one of the toughest divisions in Wrigleyville so its not a lock that they win the Pennant. PREDICTION:90-72


LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Boston had another good year but was bounced out in the first round of the playoffs. Avantrael's guys just need some breaks to get over the so-called hump.Avantreal still has 15 million in cap space to replace the pitching he gave up. But for now its a big hole to fill. PREDICTION:81-81

OUT: Miguel Ayala , Rick Reagan , Mark Young , Mario Houston , Woody Piersoll , Esteban Nieves

IN: Pedro Mercedes , Victor Lilly , Doug Tewksbury

PREVIEW: The Boston Knights finished better than my prediction. Maybe he spent thst 15 million wisely or my magic chicken bones are worn out. Regardless they made the playoffs again and lost in the first round again. Avantrael goes into the offseason still looking for some post season magic. First he let a half dozen players go to free agency freeing up 18.5 million. Avantrael signed 3 free agents spending only 10 million. Now Boston has almost 30 million in cap space to wheel and deal this year. This makes predictions a little tough but they made the playoffs the last 2 years i'll have to bet they will this year . PREDICTION:88-74

Louisville Howlers (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:  Well.....the Howlers missed the playoffs. But with 1 thru 4 in the division capable of winning the pennant . It makes predicting tough.Jmuhtoff still has plenty of cap room so he may make a move or pick up a tasty IFA later. The Howlers are always competative and this year you can expect the same. PREDICTION:84-78

OUT: Peter Stockton , Oswaldo Castilla , Santiago Torres , Chad Frazier , Derrek O'Brien

IN: Emmett Brewington , Livan Bonilla , Vicente Vega , Raul Veras , Victor Lima , Tyrone Beck , R.A. Ward

PREVIEW: The Tough Howlers finished close to my prediction . But not good enough for a playoff spot. So Jmuhtoff moved his team from Cincy to Louisville thinking that Slugger Field fit his squad better. In the offseason Jmuhtoff first let 4 players go to free agency and traded away O'brien. Then to replace the players that left . Jmuhtoff claimed Brewington off the Waiver wire and signed 4 free agent pitchers . then he traded for Beck and 14 milion dollar R.A.(a little hard on the beaver)Ward. Perhaps Louisville will be kinder to Jmuhtoffs club . But with the pickup of some superstars in a trade , will definatly help. PREDICTION: 84-78

Pittsburgh Pirates (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:  The Good News: The Injuns had another 87 win season. The Bad News: Instead of winning the division,the Injuns finished 3rd and missed the post season. Sometimes HBD is cruel that way. Ardthomp raised the cap ceiling to sign his free agents. So it looks like ardthomp is going for it. If , the injuns are in it after the break .Look for the red devils to make a move or two. PREDICTION:91-71

ARDTHOMP'S PREVIEW:  With the move from Indianapolis, to Pittsburgh, this organization was looking for a fresh start. What they will end up with is an organization that pretty closely resembles the real life Pittsburgh Pirates...a perennial loser! However, there are some bright spots in the minors coming up in the next couple of seasons and we are really excited to see what Robb Holder and Wily Mo Miller can do to help fine tune the bullpen this season.The team brought in plenty of cheaper, veteran arms to round out the rotation.
OUT: Roy Cookson , Hector Abreu , Ramon Suzuki , Al Gomez , Peter Wang , Charles Fox , Tony Quantrill , Pedro Mercedes , Tyrone Beck , R.A. Ward

IN: Frank Hukata , Sammy Estrada , Al Harding , Mario Hunter , Ed Norman , Lloyd Marshall , Walt Yerkes , Cristobal Tarasco , Robb Holder , Derrek O'Brien

PREVIEW: The good news: The Injuns are no more. The bad news: Now they are Pirates. EGADS!! The Injun/Pirates finished below my prediction. So Ardthomp moved his team to thier new HQ in Pittsburgh ,complete with a cement pond. Now that the Injuns morphed into Pirates they will be raping ,Pillaging and plundering in the offseason. Basically what they did as Injuns! Ardthomp let 9 Pirates walk the plank to free agency deciding to cast a line to Albert Coleridge . Then he traded away two landlubbers for 2 Pitchers a Insolent Wench and some Rum. with Wench in hand and a Chest full of Treasure Ardthomp went to the market and spent his pieces of eight on 6 free agents. Then he plundered 2 players in the R-5 draft and placed one of the afor mentioned traded pitchers on the ML roster. The other was stolen from Ard while he was sleeping off a Rum Binge. Not sure if this team will win now that their in Pittsburgh. They will have to show me something before I jump on the Ship!! PREDICTION:81-81

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