Monday, September 26, 2011


San Juan
San Juan Santurce Crabbers (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: The Crabbers had another 100 win season. No suprise here. Ralph will keep this bunch together for several more seasons.Most likely Ralph will slug it out with Rugby for the Division. PREDICTION:98-64

OUT: Joseph Hyun

IN: Pascual Marichal

PREVIEW: I thought that the tougher division foes would lower the Crabbers win total. Boy was I wrong . Rbedwells guys easily won this division and beat my prediction by 16 wins. In the Offseason 2 players left for free agency and Ralph resigned Henry Dodd at a bargain price. He also extended the contracts of  Gene Weston and Enrique Pimentel . Finally he picked up Marichal in the R-5. With the signing of Dodd,  Ralph kept his crabbers together. With another year together this bunch can win it all. PREDICTION:107-57

Burlington Coat Factory (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: The Coat Factories have the bad luck of playing in the Division of Death. With the Juggernaught Crabbers, Moose and the upstart Peachfuzz .The Coat Factories face an uphill battle.Ehull has a pretty good team but this division is brutal. Still he has a shot at a wild card. PREDICTION:84-78

OUT: Vic Sellers , Alfredo Stull , Sal Obermueller , Hal Middlebrook , Karim Paniagua , Fonzie Bittle , Lucas Myers , Branch Nation

IN: Joseph Hyun , Willie Buckley , Oswaldo Silva

PREVIEW: The Coat Factories did indeed get a wild card berth. And this team finished 15 games higher than my projections. Thats impressive playing in the Division of Death. It's not easy when you have to compete against the Moose and Crabbers. Ehull went into the offseason with a good core of winners. First he Let Sellers , Stull and Obermuller go to free agency. He then released 5 players in Arbitration. With some holes to fill , Ehull signed free agents Hyun, Buckley and Silva. He replaced ageing Closer Stull with Hyun and brought in some good free agent position players. So this team looks good to go again.Could win this division but Probably a Wild Card.PREDICTION:88-74


LAST YEARS PREDICTION: The Moose had a great season ......just not as good as the Crabbers. Rugby isn't concerned...methinks . Most of the time it comes down to whos injured and whos healthy.Like I said above the Moose will battle the Crabs for the Division.Watchout for the Fuzz. PREDICTION:98-64

OUT: Hades Norton , Jimmy Chambers


PREVIEW: The Moose had a down year . It would have been a good year for my Totems. Thats how good this squad is.They picked up the Final wild card berth and was beaten in 5 games by the Stars. Rugby went into the offseason by letting 3 players head to free agency. He resigned Santiago Martinez  to a contract. Rugby has 3or 4 players in AAA ready to be promoted. So with 2 roster spots to fill look for them soon. This team is better than they finished last season. They will fight for the division or grab a wild card spot. PREDICTION:88-74

Atlanta Peachfuzz (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Great.... the Peachfuzz did grab the #6 seed as predicted. This young team will only get better .This team got younger(they are the Peachfuzz afterall) and Better. If these Peachfuzz get good coaching they will take Wrigleyville by storm. And they will eat into the Crabbers-Moose dominance. PREDICTION:92-70 Wild Card

OUT: Raul Veras , Victor Lilly , Hal Whitehill , Jarrett Tice

IN: Edgar Santos , Matt Milligan , Darrell Fryman

PREVIEW:  Man I blew last years prediction. No W/C  and no 92 win season. Must a been some rose clored glasses or whiskey. Probably a combo of both. Desanders entered the offseason by letting Veras and Lilly file for free agency. He released Whitehill and traded Tice to Fargo. He signed Flash Reimold and Ruben Reyes to contract extensions. Then Desanders signed free agent Santos and picked up Milligan in the R-5 draft. Finally he traded for Fryman . I still like this team talent wise. But maybe they are to young (Only 1 player over 30) and inexperienced. Not sure if that matters in HBD. But if they catch fire look out Wrigleyville. To keep from being burned this year I will have to come down on this years prediction. PREDICTION:85-77

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