Thursday, September 22, 2011


Helena Barking Moonbats (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Congrats Sordie on your third Wrigleyville Title. And the same bunch will return for season 15. Except for the addition of a center fielder Fernandez. The Moonbats are the favorite to win this Division. They will need to stay healthy to repeat. Don't be suprised if there is another outbreak of Moonbat Fever in the post season. PREDICTION:100-62

OUT: Doug Tewksbury , Ezdra Canseco , Napoleon Ledee

IN: Louie Mendoza , Glenn Hull , Jose Calles

PREVIEW: The Moonbats finished near what I predicted. But they fell short in the playoffs in the DCS. A tough 5th game loss to the Hartford finished the dreams of a repeat. Now in the offseason Sordie let 3 position players and a pitcher head to free agency. He resigned the pitcher Hub Taguchi and let the others go.  To replace the departed  Sordie Signed free agents Mendoza and Hull. Then he traded for Calles. Sordie replaced the Big Bats lost in Free Agency. But didn't replace the defensive skills of Canseco. This team will score more runs and that could be trouble for the rest of us . PREDICTION:102-60

San Diego
San Diego Salmonbellies (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:  I did'nt think the Salmonbellies would drop below .500. But with all the changes, its hard to get a good read on this team. This season is no different with 7 players gone off last years roster. And the addition of a half dozen new faces. None of the Salmonbelly pickups will Wow ya. So the Salmonbellies will finish about the same as last year. PREDICTION:77-85

OUT: Vinny Goldman, Tony Matos , Rene Jensen , Jerome Stevenson , Norberto Ramirez , Pablo Mairena , Kelvim Yamamoto , Victor Barajas , Andres Romo , Jorge Blanco ,Gill Laffey

IN: Brad Cogan , Mike Reese

PREVIEW: The Salmonbellies finished way better than I predicted. And they missed the playoffs by a Cunt hair. For this feat  Mdymond was voted as the Durocher Award Winner. In the offseason he let 8 players go to free agency and released 2 others. Then he traded away Laffey. Mdymond Traded for Cogan and picked up Reese in the R-5 draft.At the time of writing this the mdymond has yet to plug the holes of departing players.  The Slamonbellies did pick up several 1st round comp picks in this years draft and also get a D-pick for a unsigned pick last year. So with 6 first round picks the future looks bright for the Salmonbellies. PREDICTION:74-88

Scottsdale Shock Squad (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Coach Shocked Wrigleyville with his near .500 record last season. He was very busy working the trade chat line. And he pulled the trigger on several trades that brought in Solid Major Leaguers. Including the bloated salary of Kingman.I'm not convinced this team will take the division from the World Champs. But they will finish above .500. Nice job Coach. PREDICTION: 85-77

OUT: Slash Campbell , Dixie Stankiewicz , Kevin Leverton , Geraldo Mercado , David Vazquez

IN: Kevin Holmes , Jeff Dupler , Sal Obermueller , B.C. Olivares , Don Oliver ,

COACH'S PREVIEW: The Shock Squad has one of the top line=ups in the AL with- Marty Allen - Ewell Morris ,Torey Acosta , Jack Shave , Walt Nation ...Shave moves to CF so that Nicholas Jamison can start at 3B... Don Oliver and Kevin Holmes have been added for depth...The Shock Squad hope to improve their pitching enough for a playoff berth in S16. Quinn Kingman , Louis Rekar , and Harry Saberhagen ....Closer Yorvit Delgado is outstanding,and the SS have added B.C. Olivares , Sal Obermueller , and Felipe Navarro in an effort to bolster the bullpen....This should be the best team Scottsdale has fielded in 10 seasons and they have high hopes in S16.

PREVIEW: The Shocksquad finished exactly as predicted. Finishing with a respectable 85 win season. This team went in the offseason ready to take the next step.  Coach released 4 players that didn't fit his philosophy and waived a big contract in Vasquez. To plug the holes Mdymond went shopping in the free agent market spendin 20 million on 5 nice players. He replaced the big bat of Vasquez with Holmes and picked up some badly needed bullpen studs. Finally he  brought in a couple defensive specialist . With the improvment of defense and the bullpen look for this team to vie for a wild card berth. PREDICTION: 89-73


LAST YEARS PREDICTION: After finishing about where I figured. The Cobras come into this year looking to tread water and not sink to the bottom of the WEST.This team is looking to develop the farm kids and could make their move in a couple years. PREDICTION:70-92

OUT: Jaret Hoffman , Bernie Melendez , Fritz Baker

IN: Clarence Christiansen , Vic Bellhorn , Dixie Stankiewicz , Santos Mieses

SWISH'S PREVIEW: The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming - Harvey Dent, "The Dark Knight"

After flirting with vacating the desert this past offseason the Cobras management decided to face the challenges head on instead by staying in the home run haven that is known as Chase Field. While the home park has been beneficial to bombers such as Johnny Stone, Rico Trevino and Harold Bates; it has been even more beneficial to their opponents as the Cobras pitching staff gets whacked more than a pinata at a kids birthday party. In a league where pitching wins, the Cobras trophy case lays bare.
This will be the first season that the Cobras front office is completely free from some of the high-priced free agent contracts that they've been handcuffed with in the past and they are liking their new freedom. Money won't be spent on big name players but instead veteran relievers that can hopefully stabilize and mentor a young relief corps that could blossom for years to come. The starting rotation isn't much to look at now but a few contracts run out after the season and there are some youngsters waiting in the wings at AAA. Cobras management is committed to building arms through the minor leagues and supplementing any deficit through free agency signings.
Offensively this team should continue to be better than average with Stone leading the way and with two gold glovers returning at second base (Harry Pena) and shortstop (Charles Fetters) along with the signing of a solid defensive centerfielder (Dixie Stankiewicz); the defense should be strong.
Realistically, Cobras fans should be happy if this team reaches 70 wins this season in the tough AL West but they should see the Sun rising above the horizon soon

PREVIEW: This team went into a late season swoon and finished below predictions.But they will get the #4 pick in this years draft. Swish went into the offseason and let 2 players go to free agency resigning 1 player ( Russell Haynes.) Then he released Melendez and Baker. The he signed free agents Christiansen , Bellhorn and Dixie "Whoda" Stankiewcz. Then he picked up R-5 player(Mieses). Swish improved his Pitching with Bellhorn and "Whoda" Stankiewicz. And he also improved his defense with Christiansen and Mieses. But this team still has a few years before the farm Hands grow up. Then they will be contenders. PREDICTION:70-92

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