Thursday, September 22, 2011


Fargo Prairie Dogs (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: The Prairie Dogs repeated as division champs but lost in the second round of the playoffs. That was to the Champs, so theres no shame in that.PREDICTION:85-77

OUT: Richard Nichols , Donn Payton , Joaquin Morlan , Fausto Castro , Jamie Delahanty , Santiago Rodriguez , Robb Holder , Don Nunnally , Darrell Fryman

IN: Edgar Ordonez , Ryan Monroe , Dick Pence , Jarrett Tice

PREVIEW: The Prairie Dogs won the Division for the 3rd straight year. And they beat my prediction by 9 games. Just like last year they lost in the second round to the eventual Champs. I would say what I said last year. But Aaronwayne doesn't want to hear it. Still they have a very good squad. So in the offseason he let 5 players head to free agency and released another . Then Aaron traded away a CF'er(Fryman) ,Catcher(Nunnally) and a nice young pitcher(Holder). This freed up around 30 million to spend on free agents and he went out and spent 20 mil on Ordonez . Then he promoted a nice catching prospect(Monroe) and picked up a R-5 player(Pence). Finally one of his trades brought in Tice. This team lost a couple superstars in Nunnally and Holder . But heres the question ...Is Ordonez worth 20 mil...Time will tell. Don't bet against the P Dogs they should contend for the division again. PREDICTION:90-72

Minnesota Misfits (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Minnesota wasn't very kind to the Misfits. But being the first season in a new ballpark it's understandable .Not sure why this team finished under ,500. With the addition of 2 quality pitchers they will be better this season. PREDICTION:90-72

OUT: Glenn Hull , Brett Stein

IN: Rick Reagan , Aurelio Rosa

PBSILVERS PREVIEW: I began last season with great expectations but started out losing 25 out of the first 40.I traded for Nipsey Benard last season and also Horacio Mesa who helped me end up 10 games above .500 but it was too little too late. Fargo played much better than I expected last season!!! This year I promoted Aurelio Rosa to the majors and let Glenn Hull go to FA in exchange for Ridk Reagan. I think this team has a chance to contend if they can get off to a better start than last year!!!
PREVIEW: The Misfits finished close to predictions. Though this team is better they finshed just short of making the post season. So in the Offseason pbsilver let 2 players file for free agency.He resigned mid relief pitcher Harry Paz and released Stein . In the free agent market he signed Reagan to a 5 year 33.5 millon dollar contract with a 3 mill bonus. Pbsilver promoted Rosa to complete this years squad. With the core of this team intact and with the nice additions. The rest of the league should lookout for the Misfits. They will battle for the Division this year. PREDICTION:90-72


LAST YEARS PREDICTION: It BLOWED UP!!!!  Yep Kumbia set a match to this team and BOOM! That may be why he moved the team to Montreal.There still are over 40 still unasigned. So your guess is as good as mine on this team???? PREDICTION:81-81 with an O/U of 25

OUT: Sammy Estrada , Mario Hunter , Don Dickson , Julian Stern , Mike Barnes , Bret May , Pedro Feliz , Charles Wang

IN: Ebenezer Daniels , Charles Fox , Vincenzo Piper , Jacque Li , Edgar Flores , Mark Nen , Brent Tollberg

PREVIEW: The Rios were within my Over and Under Prediction. I know it's not really a prediction ,but what can I say!! After the fire died down and the new RIOS emerged . They finshed 16 games below 500. Now in the second year of a rebuild Kumbia is ready for the offseason. He first let 6 players file for free agency and resigned 2.(David Nunez , Paul Ryan). Kumbia then released Barnes,May,Feliz and Wang. At the writing of this preview, Kumbia Claimed 4 players off the Wire. Assigning only Daniels to th M L Roster. Finally he signed 5 low level Free agents and promoted Nen and Tollberg. Unlike last season I have a clear picture of this team. The Rios aren't going to wow anyone. They are in the 4th year of a rebuild and with a 40 million dollar payroll . They will be adding IFA's and Draft prospects to the Minors. Perhaps next year they will make a move for the division??PREDICTION:72-90

Chicago Black Sox (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Dullaghan moved this squad to Chicago after the Aztecs blew town. Now that he has the #1 pick in the draft he will still be looking to rebuild this team. right now they are a bunch of R-5 players and waiver wire pickups. They may play a spoiler late in the season. PREDICTION:62-100

OUT: Dan Scutaro , Tony Cedeno

IN: Bill Neagle , Tony Matos , Julian Stern , Luis Flores , Ricardo Hernandez , Al Gomez , Christopher Locke , Ryuu Choi , Trenidad Duran , Sammy Manzanillo

PREVIEW: Like I said , This team was built on the Cheap. They exceeded my low expectations. But thats what happens when you take over a team and rebuild it. Dullaghan went into the offseason with a plan in mind . And first he released 3 players ,choosing to resign 1 player.(Felix Ramirez). And he has 6 players on the waiver wire as we speak.After 3 years of shedding high priced contracts Dullaghan spent a little money on 7 low level free agents. He promoted Choi and picked up 4 R-5 players , assinging 2 (Duran, Manzanillo). It looks like Dullaghan is starting to mold this team his way. With a few more free agents than last year they will improve. But not a 500 team yet.Oh and they have the #1 overall pick this year!! PREDICTION:65-97

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