Monday, September 26, 2011


Chicago Bleacher Bums (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: I'm sure there was some selling going on late in the season. Hshack now has his cap at 95 million. 17 million less than when he took over last season. He's on the right track .Shedding bloated salaries and building his farm system.This team has some talent but they may take a late season swoon again. PREDICTION:84-78

OUT:  Paxton Ulrich , Livan Bonilla , Freddy Weiss , Rafael Ferrer , Victor Lima , Cesar James , Ivan Armas

IN: Vinny Goldman , Fausto Castro , Bill Green , Willie Sampson , Javier Veras

PREVIEW: This team finsihed ten games below my prediction. And they won the division of Illrepute with a Sub 500 record.  Hshack went into the postseason and gained some respectability by beating the Coat Factories in the first round. After losing in the second round to the Champs, he went into the offseason with high expectations. First he let six players go to free agency and resinged Endy Glynn . The Hshack released James and Armas outright. Now with many holes to fill he spent around 27 million on six free agents above. Being in this division is nice for all. And with the flood of new free agents, Hshack could win it again. PREDICTION:84-78


LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Sandberg lost and lost big last year. He is rewarded with the #1 pick this year. My guess he's waiting for S/T to end before he fills out his roster. PREDICTION: 70-92

OUT: Frank Dwyer , Alex Tarasco , William Abbott , Chad Wilson , Victor Bonilla , Walter Cohen

IN: Howard Ruffin , Ivan Troncoso , Nick McConnell , Dann Farrell , Darryl James

PREVIEW: The Toyotas finished about where I predicted. Sandberg moved the Toyotas across the country to beautiful scenic Trenton. It's now been 6 years since Sandberg won the division and he went into the off season hoping to win it next year. First he let Dwyer and Tarasco file for free agency and released 4 others. Sandberg promoted 4 youngsters and picked James in the R-5 draft. The Toyotas improved with the addition of the Farm Hands. But can they win the Division?? PREDICTION:81-81

Milwaukee Sturgeon (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Pats Sturgeon finished exactly as predicted. He always builds a winner ,no matter which league he's in.With a team salary at 106 million ,Pat doesn't have alot of wiggle room replacing the pitching lost. But he picked up some players that may have been forgotten in the minors. Still this team should contend for the Division Title. PREDICTION:86-76

OUT: Gene Eaton , Louie Mendoza , Jake Womack , Geronimo Bournigal , Julio Mercado , Willie Hamilton , Bill Green , Ricardo Hernandez , Santos Mercado , Carson Monroe , Frank Hukata , Francisco Valdes

IN:  Toby Rogers , Vic Sellers , Norberto Ramirez , Joaquin Morlan , Kordell Gregg , P.T. Armas , Jimmie Gonzalez , Raymond Clapp , Miguel Ayala , Ronnie Jones  ,

PAT007OHMSS'S PREVIEW: After suffering through the shame of going from the World Series to a winning percentage of .395 in one season, it was time for a major revamp on the Sturgeon, with the signing of a total of 10 free agents. Milwaukee needed to add speed and defense to go with our power on offense, and added 2 major position players, CF Tony Rogers, and 2B Vic Sellers. In addition, Norberto Ramirez will start at 3B, and P.T. Armas and Raymond Clapp will provide bench help. Based on their numbers last year, this years 8-player starting lineup would average 39 HR's/103 RBI, and a .341 OBP with 10 SB. As for pitching, the Sturgeon added a hodgepodge of mostly old FA's, with Miguel Ayala, Jimmie Gonzales, Ronnie Jones, Kordell Gregg, and Joaquin Morlan, but pitching was our strong point last year. Looking to go from 65 wins last year to 90+ this year and the playoffs.

PREVIEW: Well.......Did I say Always?? The Sturgeons stunk up the joint with a 64 win season. Not even close to my predictions. Pat went into the off season and let half his team go to free agency then released Hukata and Valdes for shits and grins. With some cap room ,Pat went out and spent 27 million on free agent Toby "Mister" Rogers. Then with the change left over he signed a bunch of Old farts to fill out the roster. Pat is betting that Toby will spark this Veteran team. But will the smell of Ben Gay and Geritol be to much for him to handle. It's my guess that these Old Dogs can Hunt. PREDICTION: 86-76

Madison Muskellunges (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Daddio survived his first season in Wrigleyville. And he did well picking up a Tasty IFA and some nice players in the Draft.Look for this team to improve a little while he picks up another tasty IFA. Daddio still has plenty of cap to transfer to Prospects. PREDICTION: 81-81

OUT: Chuck Cummings , Jacque Li , Dennis Williams , Burt Harris , J.T. Ramsey , Lloyd Marshall , Vin Canseco , Ebenezer Daniels

IN: Justin Peterman , Billy Ensberg , Juan Ruiz , Phillip Rhodes , Jorel Woods , Ramiro Pena , Jason Ross , Derrek O'Brien , Tom Henley

DADDIOTHREE'S PREVIEW: In the wake of the season 15 firesale, the Madison Muskies put forth a much younger and significantly less experience team. The Muskies will take the field with 5 rookies in their starting lineup.The rotation will be anchored by 23 year old second year pitcher Ramiro Pena,who joined the Muskelunges as part of the Benito Ozuna trade. Billy Ensberg and newcomer David Cerda patrol the corners of the outfield, while rookies Justin Peterman, Juan Ruiz and Philip Rhodes provide the infield makeover.With the fastest lineup in the league season 16 will most definitely be an exciting one.

PREVIEW: I'm sure The Muskellunges fire sale had alot to do with missing the prediction of 81 wins. But i'm sure Daddios team is better for it. This offseason he let 6 players go to free agency and released Canseco. Then he waived Daniels outright. Daddio promoted 7 Nice young prospects and picked up O'Brien in the R-5 draft. Finally he taded for Henley. Last seasons Fire Sale was good for Madison. They now have a nice core of youngsters. And with 44 million in cap space they will be outbidding the world on IFA's. Pretty soon they may be a perrenial playoff team. PREDICTION:77-85

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