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San Francisco
San Francisco Kickapoos (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Every time I start to feel sorry for the Kickapoos inability to win the series. I look at my pathetic team and.....well......That empathy feeling seems to fade. Still mark knows how to put together a trade. And he will always have a chance to win the series.The Kickapoos will win this division. But the playoffs................PREDICTION:105-55

OUT: Jimmie Gonzalez , Daniel Seneca , Vic Bellhorn , Jeff Dupler , Oswaldo Silva , Fernando Park

IN: Pablo Mairena , Chris Everett , Clinton Olshan

PREVIEW: The Kickapoos ass. They finished 19 games above my prediction and they won the Wrigleyville World Series. For those that are counting , Its number 3 for Marks guys. With another trophy in his case. Mark will want to keep most of these guys around for next season. First he let Gonzalez, Seneca , Bellhorn and Dupler test the free agent market and released Silva and Park. This freed up about 11 million. He spent 3 million on Hayden Lakes favorite son ,Mairena. ( I used to play against Hayden Lake in Little League). He spent 3.8 million on Sammy Gandarillas contract extension. Finally Mark picked up 2 R-5 Players. Marks team lost a tad due to free agency. But still they are the class of the NL. PREDICTION: 110-52


LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Well...Bobferg is gone and in steps soxfan#9. His first move was to relocate this team to Beautiful Boise.This team increased the talent pool and if they come together as a team they will be a good Club. PREDICTION:92-60

OUT: Kordell Gregg , Ronnie Jones , Javier Veras , Edgar Santos , Ozzie George , Vincenzo Piper , Brad Cogan , Emmett Brewington , Sammy Romero

IN: David Vazquez , Napoleon Ledee , Al Vincente , Pat Shelley , Devaris Gibbs , Joe Valdes , Dean Hayes , Gill Laffey

SOXFAN 9'S PREVIEW: I basically am bringing my entire offense back except for Coogan as I traded him for Gill Laffey and a prospect. I also claimed David Vazquez and signed Napoleon Ledee for my offense and to add bench depth.I also promoted Joe Valdes to add to my offense. I promoted many pitchers like Devaris Gibbs and Al Vincente and got Dean Hayes in the Rule V draft.I am hoping to compete for a wild card spot with SF looking to take the division again. I'm hoping the offense will gel and the additions to pitching will stand up. We had a collapse last season though.

PREVIEW: I thought the Brown Sox were ready for prime time. But the old chicken bones missed this prediction. Maybe it was to much to ask a new owner to hit the ground a running. I still think this team has potential and so does Soxfan 9. First in the offseason he let 5 players go to free agency and released Piper. Then Soxfan 9 traded Cogan to the Salmonbellies and waived Romero and Brewington. With some holes to fill he Claimed Vazquez of the wire and signed free agent Ledee. Next Soxfan 9 promoted 4 youngsters and picked up 2 R-5 players assigning only Hayes. Finally he traded for Laffey . It looks like Soxfan has increased the talent.....again. They will have to show me before I go out on a limb again. PREDICTION: 85-67


LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Last season was my worst yet......Yet. I thought the signing of Francis would win me a few more games. NOT!!.I have a buttload of talent in AAA and AA almost ready to play in the Bigs. Could be a year or two before they all make it to the Bigs. Meanwhile I'll be looking up from the cellar. PREDICTION:70-92

OUT: Patrick Lloyd , Jay Barber , Hugh Cole , Kelly Grabowski , Ugueth Gonzalez

IN: Billy Ray Griffiths , Karim Paniagua , Harry Padilla , Blake Hughes , Tuck Damon , Alex Morgan , Eli Fernandez

PREVIEW: My team finished about where I thought. I'm getting tired of the Kickapoos and just about everybody beating my Ass. LOL .So in the offseason I let Lloyd and Barber go to the free agent market .Then I released Cole , Grabowski and Gonzalez. Last year  I brought up youngsters Padilla ,Hughes ,Damon and Blake. I also traded for Fernandez during the playoffs. I hope this team can at least get to 500. Then I will bring up some more talent from the farm system next season. PREDICTION:81-81


LAST YEARS PREDICTION: I know this team went on a losing streak late. Not sure if it was by design or just lack of talent. Perhaps he will promote some minor league talent. But as of now this team will be in the basement with me. Misery loves company!! PREDICTION:70-92

OUT: Sean Pellow , Vin Brooks , Darren Stanley , Bob Daley

IN: None Yet

PREVIEW: Witchita was in the basement but I didn't figure it would be 3 floors deep. Perhaps another low draft pick is good for the Wind. So in the offseason Hoopcoach let Sean "Feather" Pellow file for free agency but resigned Diego Mercedes and Houston Alexander . He then released Brooks , Stanley and Daley. The wind has about 20 players on the M L roster. So some late pickups are soon to come. Hoopcoach still has 17 million in cap space so he can go several directions. With what he has now it's safe to say he's still rebuilding. PREDICTION:70-92

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