Thursday, September 22, 2011


Charleston Tobacco Farmers (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: The Tabaky has lost its Magic. After coming back down to earth, the Charleston fans will want another Title.I like the Tabaky Farmers chances and they are my Dark Horse pick. PREDICTION:97-65

OUT: Lonny Carpenter , Luis Flores , Nicholas Bevil , Fausto Almanza , Steve Anderson , Theo Hartgraves

IN: Brent Reuschel , Tony Quantrill , Alfredo Stull , Javier Sanches , Mac Patrick , Ollie Castellanos

PREVIEW: The Tabaky Farmers finished exactly as predicted. Dark Horse Indeed!! Not only did they grab the #2 seed. The Tabaky Farmers went all the way to the World Series. They lost to the Kickapoos in 6 games. With success of his team, nwsheehy007 went into the offseason a happy owner. He let 4 players file for free agency resigning Al Hackman. Then Nwsheehy007 released 3 players. To replace the players that left . Nwsheehy signed free agents Reuschel ,Quantrill and Stull. Then he Promoted Sanches and Patrick and picked up R-5 Castellanos. With 2 American League Pennants in 3 years. You can never count out the Power of the Tabaky!! With the call up of some young studs this team is as good or better than last years. PREDICTION:100-62


LAST YEARS PREDICTION: TC had a very nice year. But in the LCS he got swept by the Champs. No shame in that!I don't see any upgrades in talent but with a solid core of winners . The Blues may get Red hot again. And that could spell trouble for the rest of us. PREDICTION:95-67

OUT: Glen Trujillo , Harry Mercado , Joaquin Morales , Clarence Spoljaric , Don Oliver

IN: Ezdra Canseco , Hughie Leon

PREVIEW: The Blues were Happy to finish pretty close to predictions. But were less than Sullen after being bounced out in the first round of the post-season. In the offseason 5 players bailed on the Blues. But Tchagnon resigned 4 Veteran players (Seth Rando , Terry Lewis , Edgard Torres , Albert Mendoza). He then signed 2 more players bringing the total spent on ML Free Agents 45.5 Million!! With a payroll of 106 million the Blues are High on Big Time free Agents. With the departure of aging stars the Blues should end up on a High Note. PREDICTON:88-74

Nashville Posse (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:  In this tough ,competative division 500 doesn't cut it.This is a tough division to predict . Any team could win this division. It may come down to who's healthy at the end. PREDICTION: 85-77

OUT: Luis Guzman , Archie Romero , Craig Savage , Christopher Locke

IN: J.D. Gregg , Freddy Weiss , Andres Romo

PREVIEW: The Posse finished way below of predictions. GET A ROPE!! With a 104 million team salary, illicit let 4 players leave for free agency freeing up 17 million. Illicit spent some money on 3 free agents the rest on salary extensions. Looks like the same for these High-priced under achievers. But who knows in this game?? They may take exception to this preview and start playing like thier paychecks. PREDICTION: 81-81

Charlotte Sometimes (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Hatton took the Sometimes to the playoffs in his first year.I see that Hatton is bringing in talent without breaking the bank. This will allow him to restock the farm system also. This team could be a force soon . PREDICTION: 82-80

OUT: Frank Coleman , B.C. Olivares , Julian Navarro , Peter Dong , Enrique Cordero , Dale Gordon , Cliff Walls , Kevin Holmes , Rico Morales , Benjamin Taylor , Eddie Whitehill , Bryan MacDougal , Neil Hamilton , Al Navarre

IN: Jackson Brooks , Denny Hunt , Santiago Rodriguez , Vin Brooks , Jorge Lopez , Buddy McConnell , Benny Wainhouse , Welington Quixote , Gerardo Lee , Rich Hendrick , Sterling Sanders

PREVIEW: The Sometimes lived up to their name by finishing below expectations. Sometimes you win ...Sometimes you don't. Last year was a Don't. Perhaps I was a little optomistic after last years team. So in the offseason Hatton98 first let almost a dozen players go to free agency and waived 3 players.To fill a hole the size of Oprahs coochie . Hatton signed 4 low level free agents and has 16 others yet assigned at the time of writing. He promoted Lopez and picked up Six R-5 players.With all the R-5 players and cast-offs of a few teams. This team resembles the Bad News Bears. But with the right coach and a little luck they may reach .500. This team is looking more towards the draft after picking up Scottsdales #21 pick. Sometimes your the Hammer..Sometimes your the Nail. This team is the Nail..for now. PREDICTION:70-92

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