Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hello again this is I B Lyon reporting from Toronto Canada the headquarters of the San Diego Salmonbellies. I'm here to interview Mdymond . The first recipent of the Durocher Award for owner of the year. Mdymond met me at the door to his brightly lit office full of Blue Jays Memorabilla. He motioned me to a chair opposite his desk. Then in a flash of brilliance, he grabbed 2 bottles of Mill Street Brewery's Tankhouse Ale and emptied the contents into 2 pewter tankards.  I took a deep drink and wiped the froth from my mustache. Mdymond said. "Welcome to my Home away from Home". I replied " If I had a office stoked with Ale , I would call this Home". He chuckled and I asked. " Now that you've won the Durocher award, Tell the Guys in Wrigleyville something about yourself?" He took a long swig and replied. "My name is Michael Dymond,I'm Married with 2 kids. As you can see from my decor . I'm a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays - been waiting for 18 years for them to get back to the playoffs and finally looks like the team is going to get there in the next couple of seasons." He paused cracked open two more bottles of Ale and handed me one. I took this opportunity to ask him . "What is your favorite baseball memmory?" Mdymond wiped his mouth and said. " Meeting Tony Gwynn in 1990 - best hitter since Ted Williams and my favorite baseball player as kid growing up (hence the San Diego reference). We talked for like 5 minutes and he gave me his batting gloves." Oh I see now why you own the San Diego franchise. And you've done a great job building them into contenders. Tell me , what is your HBD philosophy and what advice can you give the newbys? Mdymond uncorked another bottle and said. "My philosophy in HBD is to try to build competetive teams that have a chance at the playoffs every year. I've done that in my first HBD league - BIG LEAGUE and I'm getting there here in WRIGLEY although I've had some missteps along the way. Mostly I believe in the draft, a good SS/CF, a trade here or there and luck. If I would give any advice to another other it would be to read the forums - there's a lot of good information in there and don't be afraid to try something - recently I'm experimenting with 0 ADV Scouting. " Great advice !! What is in the future for the Salmonbellies? he pounded his fist on the desk and bellowed . "My plans for the Salmonbellies? - world domination, but first the championship in Wrigley, ok, first the playoffs. Then the championship and world domination. The Bellies are young and primed for a good run for a few years. I'll need to add some veteran depth at a couple of positions but mostly my farm system should provide most of the ML talent for the next few years." Then My drinkin Buddy Broke out the Canadian Club Whiskey and the rest of the night was filled with a bunch of singing and drunken debauchery. In the morning we were released from our stay at the RCMP Hotel and Spa. We said our goodbyes with a couple of two fisted double pump Bro hugs then parted ways. Well there you have it Wrigleyville fans .Not only is Mdymond is a worthy winner or the Durocher Award.The Cat knows how to Party!! Congrats Mdymond!


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