Saturday, March 6, 2010


Theres a new owner in Boston and his name is Jamacanheat. Jamacan bought the team from mikesons for a bundle of Credit Default Swaps and a Bob Marley CD.He then changed the name to the KNIGHTS. I met jamacanheat at his new headquarters in downtown beantown. He offered me a Cigar which I accepted and i sat in the chair across from his desk. I asked him . "Jamacanheat , Tell us in Wrigleyville about yourself? " He lit up a stogie and said. " I am 30, married (3 years in jun), Have one daughter, and we our expecting another child around oct. My hobbies are all sports. I coach basketball ( head JV coach and assist with the varsity) If you need any thing else let me know."  I took several puffs on my Ceeegar and said. "Wow growing a family thats great!! Watch out though ,Pregnant women want sex all the time."  Jamacan laughed and replied . " Yeah MadMuldoon, Having sex with a pregnant wife is like putting gas in a Car that you Wrecked." I started laughing so hard and smoke billowed out with each emanation. After I composed myself I asked him . "What are your plans for this team. he said. " You know what would be a great rite of passage and a wonderful welcome............... Giving me Quinn Kingman." That was it i started laughing so hard i almost passed out. I shook hands with Jamacan while still laughing and caught a Taxi out of that crazy place.
It's good to have a owner with a real sense of humor. Welcome to Wrigleville Jamacanheat!!

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