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San Juan
San Juan Santurce Crabbers (NL)
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GONE: Rudy Morton Free Agency , Vince Tipton Released ,


Summary: The Crabbers finished first last season a year earlier than I predicted. With a record of 92-70 they entered the playoffs and lost in the DCS. Now that this squad has a years worth of winning under thier belt. Ralph looks to take them deeper in the playoffs. He let Morton go by way of free agency and picked up a late 1st round pick in compesation. Then he released Tipton when he demanded way to much cash in Arbitration. I don't think these losses will hurt the San Juan Team and i look for them to contend for the division Title.

GONE: Vernon Banks Free Agency , Carl Wright Free Agency , Matthew Erdos Free Agency , Don Dickson Released , Calvin Valentine Released , Paxton Leach Released , Hugh Lloyd Traded to JAX , Cecil Graham Traded to CHA

ADDED: Carson Bailey Resigned , Mo Andrelczyk Promoted , Neifi Ordaz Promoted , Khiry Allen R-5 , Kirk Davidson From JAX

Summary: After winning two Division Titles and a World Series the Moose went into last season with momentum. But at the end they barley finished above .500 (82-80) and missed the playoffs. Alot of people blamed the decline on the move from Burlington to Syracuse but I feel that the rest of the division just got a better and the moose got old. So Rugby started by releasing 3 old pitchers in Banks,Wright and Erdos to Free Agency. He then released three players that had sub-par years. Then traded some players that wanted some cash in Arbitration. Rugby resigned a set-up pitcher Promoted 2 future all-stars in Mo and Neifi.Grabbed a defensive catcher in R-5 and picked up a nice young pitcher from the Manatees. No secret here Rugby got younger and stronger . Look for this team to rebound after last season if the youngsters play like thier projections. We will know by the All-Star break.

GONE: Pep Tamura Free Agency , Sergio Bryant Free Agency , J.P. Cunningham Free Agency , Sam Winston Free Agency , Josh Greene Free Agency , Shaggy McDonald Released ,

ADDED: Luis Mercado Free Agent , David Pineda Promoted , Bobby Ogden Promoted , David Mateo Promoted ,

Summary: The Tripods used to own this Division finishing no worse than second place. But last year with the surgeing Crabbers and the always tough Moose. The Trenton squad finished third with a record of 73-89(First time under .500). One reason could be they gave up so many runs 819(Only Milwaukee gave up morein the NL). Boehnerm started the off-season by letting some restricted players go by way of Free Agency( Tamura, Greene and Winston).And picked up a bunch of comp picks in this years draft. He Then Promoted three youngsters to plug the holes and brought in an average pitcher in Free agency. The Tripods still hav 7 mil in cap space and maybe they will bring in some defensive help. I don't see them contending for the Division crown, but could go on a run and snag a Wild Card.

Toledo Christian Beavers (NL)
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GONE: Nigel Hasegawa Free Agency , Cody Sherman Free Agency , Benito Gardel Released , Rich Ward Traded to JAX , Sammy Estrada Traded to LAA

ADDED: Alan Baumann Free Agent , Sherry Wells Free Agent , Andres Gomez Promoted , Sal Obermueller R-5

Summary: Bekevin bought this team last season and has vowed to bring them back to the Glory Days. They finished a predictable fourth with a record of  73-89. To continue the rebuild ,Bkevin allowed Hasegawa to enter the FA Market and picked up some comp picks . Traded a couple of players to clear cap space and now he has 40 mil in cap space.  In the meantime though bkevin plugged some holes with mid level FA's, a Rookie ,and a nice R-5 pickup in Obermueller. Look for the C Beavers to spend ,spend and spend some more in the IFA's,stocking up on them tasty prospects. But for now they will finish below .500 and in a few years regain the Glory!!

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