Monday, March 22, 2010

Manatee Fever Running Rampant in Jax

On the flip(per) side of a successful season, Manatee management did not swim in shallow waters,but dove into the deep end. Viewing the transaction files of Wrigleyville, I noticed that Sandleaguer was a wheeler and dealer at the winter meetings. So with that being said, the Whif sent me on assignment to the Sunshine state. After spending several days acclimating myself to the temperate climate, I went out in search of the biggest Manatee- the rotund Sandleaguer. I caught up with Sand at the Island Girl Wine & Cigar Bar. It was a special Gurkha night and he was tugging on a Churchill maduro. He motioned me a large leather chair,opened a box and offered me a cigar. It was being accompanied by a nice California Merlot. So Sand, whats the prognosis? Well we are better than last season, a couple of blockbuster trades have enabled us to creep up on Tampa Bay. We gave up some good young talent but filled some glaring holes in the process. Started with a minor trade with Vancouver sending Harry James to us for Milt Reynolds . But that was just the beginning, smoke bellowing out of his mouth, he continued. It was no secret we has to upgrade our middle defense. After several days of negotiations, I pulled the trigger on a deal with the Syracuse Moose. We had to give up a key piece of last season in Kirk Davidson in return we replaced the catcher and got a very serviceable shortstop in Hugh Lloyd. Another bottle of Merlot was brought to the table with an assortment of fresh fruit and cheeses. As I helped myself to the finger food, Sand continued " we needed to give our free agent acquisition Stan Fassero from last season some cover. In the blockbuster with Christian Beavers we acquired a five tool player in Rich Ward giving up 2 future bigtime major leaguers Kevin Martin and Fonzie Bittle. This was the missing piece. We feel that our starting pitching anchored by former Cy Young winner Ramon Lo and new comer closer Harry James the Manatees are ready to make a run at the top. So get your seat early or you may be left out in the harbour paddling for shallow water". With that he got up and made his exit mumbling something about a virtual curling machine. Season 10 is looking brighter in this land of sunshine--- Manatee Fever Catch It

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