Tuesday, March 23, 2010


GONE: Tex Walters Free Agency, Jared Coffie Free Agency, Jesus Aybar Released , Ivan James Released ,

ADDED: Tony Truby Waiver Claim , Jackson Brooks Free Agent , Midre Carrasco Free Agent , Abraham Jackson Free Agent , Khoury Henley R-5 ,

Summary: The Toyotas moved most of thier talent last season and still won this division with a record of 77-85. In this ,the weakest division . Tacoma scored an N L low 583 runs all season,Ouch!! Sandberg got rid of several aging players in Coffie, Aybar and James. Then signed a few low level free agents and Picked up a waiver and a R-5 to fill some gaps. The Toyotas are still rebuilding by keeping salaries low and picking up IFA's and draft picks. They should finish about the same as last year.

Seattle Supersonics (NL)
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GONE: Daniel Seneca Free Agency , Pedro Guerrero Free Agency , Adam Pierce Free Agency , Abraham Jackson Free Agency , Harry Mercado Free Agency , Will Watson Free Agency ,

ADDED: Tex Walters Free Agent , Shigetoshi Ono Free Agent , Earle Goldberg Free Agent , Russ Phillips Promoted , Ebenezer Daniels Promoted , Ricardo Frias R-5 , Derrek Friend R-5 , Carlos Brito R-5 , Juan Romero R-5 ,

Summary:  This team finished second in this division with a record of  75-87.  This team has been taken over by new Owner Kevingrt13. He took over from long time owner thejnice. Who contracted a case of Moonbat fever and is in rehabilitation in Juarez Mexico. So Kevin started his Wrigleyville career by letting a Myriad of Type-A and B players enter Free agency, and picked up 5 extra first round picks. He then plugged all Dem holes with R-5 and low level Free Agents. It seems Kevin is in it for the long haul by looking to build through the Draft. Don't look for this team to contend this year. They are in rebuild mode.

Kansas City
Kansas City Spittoons (NL)
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GONE:  Albert Uribe Free Agency , Louie Suzuki Free Agency , Thomas Wayne Free Agency , Harry Bonilla Released , Cookie Acosta Released , Raymond Punto Released ,

ADDED: Ryne Lake Waiver Claim , Vic Velazquez Big Time Free Agent , Adam Howard Promoted , Orlando Lee R-5 , Douglas Hunter R-5 ,

Summary: Zee's Madison Dairy Heirs finshed third with a record of 73-89. Zee had to move his team to Kansas City after he lost his lease due to an unfortunate incident on Dolly Madison Night. It started innocently enough with a couple of teens throwing Zingers at thier girlfriends . But it soon escalated into a full fledge Cup Cake Riot that injured several Fans and sparked outrage in the Confectionary Community. With the new digs Zee got rid of several underpreforming players. He then signed one of the premier hitters in this league (Velazquez) to a eye popping 5 year 73 million dollar contract. he promoted a  young closer to help the pen ,then plugged holes with R-5 players. With the move to a more friendly pitchers park Zee will see his ERA come down a bunch and with Vic in the lineup they will score more runs. So I see this team contened for the division crown Finishing around  .500.

Milwaukee Sturgeon (NL)
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GONE: Mark Smith Free Agency , Norm Daniels Free Agency , Rafael Benitez Free Agency ,

ADDED: Tom Hutton Free Agent , Rico Posada Free Agent (Injured) , Angel Seanez R-5 , Raymond Jennings R-5

Summary:  The Sturgeons finished last season with the N L's worst record of  61-101. Pat let three players go to Free agency (Smith,Daniels and Benitez). They were getting old anyways .He then replaced them with a couple of younger players and two R-5 pickups. With one of the highest payrolls in the league you would think this team would kick some ass. Last season was alot of bad luck and look for the Sturgeons to bounce back with a run at the division. One curious note :The Sturgeons have the #1 overall pick and have 0  dollars in High School and College Scouting. It will be an inersting draft!!

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