Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Stars (NL)
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GONE: Raul Flores Free Agency , Dave Jones Free Agency , Eduardo Sanchez Free Agency , Mark Liniak Free Agency , Brady Sefcik Free Agency , Brady Monahan Free Agency , Luke Harris Free Agency

ADDED: Clyde Ratliff Resigned , Adam Pierce Free Agent , Al Lieber Free Agent , Juan Alvarado Free Agent , Vic Benitez Resigned , Rico Morales R-5 , Pete Torres From CHA

Summary: After 6 division crowns last seasons 7th was the start of a run that took the Stars to the Promised land. With his Bling on his finger Jmas wants some more. So in order to defend his World Series Championship he hit the Free agent market with a vengance. He let a half dozen stars hit the free agent market and picked up a bunch of Comp picks. He resigned Ratliff and Benitez, then picked up Pierce and Lieber  in free agency. Then brought in a couple defensive SS with a R-5 pickup and a trade with Charlotte.With all the Talent Jmas let go of , He will be hard pressed to repeat. But with all them tasty draft picks next season he will have a bunch of trade bait. The other teams in this Division are getting better so i think the Stars will win the division by the skin of there teeth.

Jacksonville Manatees (NL)
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GONE: Garret Nelson Free Agency , Julio Santana Free Agency , Ryan Weaver Released , Sean Simms Released , Terrence Buckley Released , Kirk Davidson Traded to SYR

ADDED: Vicente Vega Promoted , Harry James From VC , Hugh Lloyd From SYR , Rich Ward From TOL

Summary: See Earlier post from sandleaguer

New Orleans
New Orleans Hip Waders (NL)
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GONE: Willy Daniels Free Agency , Jimmie Gonzalez Free Agency , Jay Barber Traded to VC

ADDED: Terrence Pierre Free Agent , Ricardo Hernandez From CHA

Summary: This preview was submitted by Lagzilla;  How long the rebuild? I would love to say this is the year for the -Waders, but it is doubtful with the strengthened division around us. The team's prevailing weakness is starting pitching. Our new addition, lefty Ricardo Hernandez, and the soon-to-be announced move for the finally and finely seasoned Jake Alston to the staff should add a few Ws to the slot. As far as the everyday players, the HipWaders have relied mostly, but not solely, on the youth development from within. Impact players will be Webster (3B), Myers (CF), and Carpenter (LF- coming off his one bad season). Sloughed off were Jimmie Gonzalez, Jay Barber and Willy Daniels. Only Gonzalez was tough to replace.

Overall goal for the squad - 82 or more wins and reemergence as a contender next year. That is the last "next year" statement front office will issue.

My Preview: Finishing third again with a record of 75-87. The Hip Waders are about to make thier move. All them youngsters will be coming of age soon.  And with that in mind Lagzilla let a couple old guys go and traded away a catcher to my team for another tasty prospect. He also brought in a nice M L pitcher in a trade with Charlotte. Lags will have this team on a winning way any season now. My gut says next year but if they get on a roll and he brings up reinforcments things may get interesting.

Charlotte Chimps (NL)
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GONE: Andrew Woodward Free Agency , Dan Dalrymple Free Agency , Terrence Pierre Free Agency , Horacio Picasso Free Agency , Rip Richardson Released , Pete Torres Traded to TB

ADDED: Daniel Forbes Resigned , Rob Smith Free Agent , Pep Tamura Free Agent , Willie Sampson Promoted , Garland Lee R-5 , Miguel Perez R-5 , Cecil Graham From SYR

Summary:This Preview was submitted by Wylie:   Once again, the Chimps are buillt around pitching and defense. (Isn't the definition of insanity trying the same thing over and over when it doesn't work?). Hopefully the offense will manage to score enough runs to make the Chimps competetive.

The Chimps did not have a very active offseason. They signed free agent C Rob Smith (bringing him back to the franchise he started with), and SP Pep Tamura. They traded for C Cecil Graham and promoted SS Willie Sampson.

The starting position players are as follows:
C - Rob Smith; 1B - Pablo Vega; 2B - Hughie Leon; 3B - Placido Cruz; SS - Willie Sampson; LF - Scott Baker; CF - Geronimo Candelaria; RF - Albert Brito

The starting rotatiion hhas a solid top 3 with Charles Fox, Evan Thompson and Dwight Webster, The 4th and 5th spots will be filled by some mixture of Pep Tamura, Dorian Dunham, Dicky Williams, Wayne Peters, and Darron Fullmer.
The bullpen is solid, led by cloer Duke Krivda, with Daniel Fobes, Gene eaton, Spud Canseco and Bernie Ortiz getting most of the work.
Basically, if the offesne can come close to reaching it's potential, the Chimps should contend for a playoff spot.

** LATE BREAKING NEWS** The Chimps just traded Sting hansen to the Manatees for SP Albert Coleridge ti further solidify the rotation!!
The Charlotte Chimps - soon to be flinging poo in a location near you!!

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