Wednesday, March 24, 2010


GONE: Charles Yamamoto Free Agency , Richard Jung Free Agency , Brent Ryan Free Agency , Patrick Newfield Released , Ernest Maxwell Traded to BOSTON

ADDED: P.T. Armas Free Agent , Brady Sefcik Free Agent , Daniel Seneca Free Agent , Francisco Valdes Promoted , Gabe Roberts Promoted ,

 SUMMARY: Atprasad submitted hthis preview.  "The Justice spent last off-season getting younger, and actually took a step forward in the playoffs." This year, we were very aggressive on the free agent market, and brought in three players we think are major upgrades. We think PT Armas is a step up from Charles Yamamoto and he cost almost $2 million less.Brady Sefcik ended up being $1 million more than Richard Jung, but is a much better SP. And finally we added Daniel Seneca to our bullpen, one of the best middle relievers in the history of Wrigleyville and a guy with championship experience."

My Take:  This team has always won this division. And since Atprasad took over in S-8 ,he has kept up the tradition . The Justice finished with a record of 87-75 , a lower than normal win total. That may be because the rest of the division has improved. But looking at the numbers it is because they scored 100 less runs and gave up 63 more. But the most glaring stat of the advanced standings for S-9 is the fact that the Justice lost 27, 1 run games while winning only 23. Therefore I agree that the addition of Seneca will help win some close ones. Look for the Atprasad to win this division if his team wins the close games. but if they falter they will at least win a wild Card .

Nashville Posse (AL)
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GONE: Pepe Hernandez Free Agency , Edgardo Castillo Free Agency/Injured , Rick Ashley Free Agency , Midre Carrasco Free Agency/Declined Option , Eric Kydd Released 

ADDED: Mark Smith Free Agent , Alejandro Perez Free Agent , Rollie Bechler Promotion , Nick Byrne Promotion , Roberto Cedeno Promotion

Summary: The Posse finished second and made the playoffs as a Wild Card. Thier record of 84-78 was right where they always finish. Talk about consistancy!! But Ilicit has his eye on a Division trophy and he was busy in the offseason trying attain it. After a sub-par season Illicit declined an option on former all-star Carrasco.Then he let go the oft injured Castillo , and  jettisoned Hernandez,Ashley and Kydd. All three of the latter ,were average pitchers. Illicit then went bargain hunting in Free Agency and picked up a couple Hole Plugs. He then promoted a trio of prospects that should improve this club a tad. My guess is they will finish again in the 80ish win total. Not nearly enough for one of the biggest payroll in Wrigleyville (107 million).

GONE: Rabbit Busby Free Agency , Moises Cervantes Free Agency , Ronnie McCullough Free Agency

ADDED: Seth Rando Free Agent , Aramis Herrera Free Agent , Ivan James Free Agent , Pat Parrish Free Agent

Summary: Slowly but surely tchagnon has brought this club kicking and screaming to respectability. Last season they finished at .500 for the first time since S-1. Good job !! So after finishing 3rd ,they want to take the next step and make the playoffs. TC first let Rabbit , Moises and Ronnie enter Free agency. All three pitchers were past thier prime. Then he hit the free agent market and signed Seth Rando to a three year 60Mil contract and gave up a first round pick. No i didn't misprint it , 20 mil a year!!! He Then filled some holes with 3 solid Free agents. T.C. made a bold move by signing Seth and hope it works out . My take is Seth is a big time arm and this will improve the Blues pitching staff. The Blues can already score alot of runs so this will make them a contender for the Division. This team is my Sleeper pick. They will make the playoffs.

Charleston Tobacco Farmers (AL)
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GONE: Julian Tavarez Free Agency , Cesar Gomez Free Agency , Alex Castilla Free Agency , Jesus Mendoza Free Agency , Tom Hutton Released

ADDED: Rafael Benitez Free Agent , Mark Liniak Free Agent , Art Matthews Free Agent , Wes Burks Promoted , Logan Brock R-5

Summary: Long time owner nwsheehy007 took a step back last season finishing fourth in an up and coming division. The Tabacky Farmers got smoked with a record of 69-75. While they have always given up thier share of runs. Scoring fell off and that contributed to the decline. So the mysterious Nwsheehy let four under achievers go to Free Agency. Then in a SUPRISING move he released Tom Hutton instead of arbing him.WOW!! It worked out for Tom Though ,He signed for a ton of Money. He then signed three Vets in free agency.  Then picked up a corner Infielder in the R-5 draft. Perhaps the exit of Hutton won't hurt them .But my guess is that the other teams have improved and will leave the Tabacky farners behind.

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