Wednesday, March 24, 2010


GONE: Julio Gandarilla Free Agency , Bobby Parrott Free Agency , Benito Vincente Released , Javier Ortiz Released , Vernon Acquilino Released , Galahad Levis Released , Luis Rios Traded to FAR , Santiago Torres Traded to FAR

ADDED: Mel Tessmer Resigned , Fred O'Shea Free Agent , Dude Cosby Free Agent , Duffy Peterman Promoted , Julian Stern Promoted , Ron Blair R-5 , Sid Walsh From FAR

Summary: Chicago just keeps getting stronger and they finished with the best record in the A L. They took there record of 105-57 into the playoffs and lost in the DCS. Kumbia wants to take that next step and win a World Series.So He let a couple of  average players go to Free Agency and released several others. Then because Kumbia Is short of cap he spent lightly in the free agent market. Then he plugged dem holes with youngsters and an R-5 pick. He finally picked up a nice middle infielder from Fargo. As I was writing this Kumbia pulled off a big trade. So he is serious about winning it all at any cost. Look for this team to win the division and if they stay healthy they will be in the Series.

St. Louis
St. Louis SilverHawks (AL)
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GONE: Mario Hunter Free Agency , Ralph Ogden Free Agency , Hideo Ueno Released , Abraham Poole Released , Fred O'Shea Released

ADDED: Victor Carrasco Free Agent , Jesus Mendoza Free Agent , Bump Peters Free Agent , Moises Cervantes Free Agent

Summary:  Shynent bought this team last season and finished second in the division with a record of 88-74. That was good enough for a wild card spot and lost in the first round. Like the Chicago Club, Shynent Looks to improve in the playoffs. First St Louis took a hit when Hunter bolted for free agency. Then he shed some fringe players and a shopping Shynent went. (Hey that Rhymes) He signed three solid pitchers and a good SS. I think with these F/A's Shy improved this club . I don't think they will overtake Chicago but they will be in the Wild card hunt. And anything can happen in the Second Season.

Portland Pandemonium (AL)
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GONE: Tony Duncan Free Agency , Troy Downs Released , Andres Tapies Released  , Ricardo Hernandez Traded to NO

ADDED: Rudy Morton Free Agent , Don Dickson Free Agent , Gus Grossman Promoted , Norberto Ramirez From SF

Summary: The Pandemonium were Sad when they finished  third and just missed the playoffs. Pbsilver will try to cheer up his squad with a couple of strategic moves. One damper on his plans was the departure of Super Center Fielder, Tony (the Donut) Duncan. He then released a couple of players who demanded more money in Arbitration. A swift kick to the Butt !! pbsilver then shipped Hernandez and his big contract to New Orleans for some youngsters. He then took some cash and picked up a couple solid positon players in the Market. He then Promoted a future Cy-Young Canadate in Gus Grossman .And finally he picked up SS Norberto Ramirez from SF and signed him to a 5 Year 47.5 million dollar contract. pbsilver made some good moves .The question is, will his super rookie play like a ROY or a AAA pitcher? My guess is this team will improve but in this tough division they will finish 2nd or third. They will also be heard from in the Wild card Race.

Fargo Prairie Dogs (AL)
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GONE: Norm Torre Free Agency , Sid Walsh Traded to CH2 , Phil Dunwoody Traded to BOS , Vic Bellhorn Traded to BOS

ADDED: Wayne Shea Resigned , Harry Mercado Free Agent , Malachi Newson Free Agent , Horacio Picasso Free Agent , Bing Ferrara Promoted , Cesar James Promoted , Bobby Jefferies Promoted , Bing Ferrara Promoted , Duane Thompson From BOS , Luis Rios From CH2 , Santiago Torres From CH2

Summary: Aaronwayne took over last season for a long time owner and this team finished 4th. But the record of 73-89 is quite respectable considering the track record of this club. It looks like aaronwayne is lowering his payroll and increasing his HS and College scouting . And he will be adding more Prospects as the season continues. He did let go Strikeout King; Norm(ole!) Torre .Then he traded a good looking 2nd baseman(Walsh) who was just entering Arb years.For a Slugger and a Starting Picher.  He then moved 2 big contracts to Boston  for a Nice Closer and a couple of prospects. Aaron also spent some money in F/A and snagged two SP'ers and a Outfielder to boot. And finally he plugged the holes with Youngsters from the Farm. Look for this team to hit .500. They have improved faster than I expected. Nice job Aaron.

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