Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hartford Crushers (AL)
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Summary: After winning this division for the third straight year with a record of  94-68. The Crushers want to make it to the Series. Aromano decided to stand pat and keep his existing club together. He did give a contract extension to Stuart Mench worth 42 mil over 5 years. Aromano did have to shell out 10 mil more in Arbitration. That brings his total payroll to 80 MIL. The Crushers are my pick to win this division again and hopefully the extra money will inspire this club to win it all.

Indianapolis Indians (AL)
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GONE: Dewey Bradley Free Agency , Christopher Locke Free Agency , Malachi Christopher Free Agency , Dan Torre Free Agency , Bump Peters Free Agency , Dude Cosby Released , Rudy Davis Released , Sherry Root Released 

ADDED: Tony Duncan Free Agent , Ryan Weaver Free Agent , Roy Cookson Free Agent , Nipsey Benard Promoted , Walter Fitzgerald Promoted , Herm Harris Promoted , Billy Ray Bryant Promoted , Raymond Corbin R-5 , Dennis Damon R-5 , Sandy Hiatt From ALB

 Summary: This Preview was submitted by Ardthomp;  There aren't many whispers of a possible World Series championship coming from the "crossroads of America." The Indians are still building from the ground up, which means a lot of patience is needed from our season ticket holders.
Herm Harris and Nipsey Benard were brought up to the big league club this season to see if they can help spur some excitement in the early season.
Along with the two youngsters being brought up, the Indians went out and signed free agent center fielder, Tony Duncan, who is expected to bring some pop to the lineup and provide the club with some stellar defense.
The one constant on this team is a lack of pitching, which is why the Indians brought in Sandy Hiatt in a trade right before spring training.
In the end, the Indians won't have nearly enough talent to compete for a playoff spot. However, we encourage you to bring your family to Victory Field and spend your hard earned dollars watching our band of miscreants walk out ground balls and lolly gag to and from the dugout. INDIAN'S BASEBALL, IT'S LACKLUSTER!

GONE:  George White Free Agency , P.T. Armas Free Agency , Charlie Alexander Free Agency , Otis Ratliff Released , Gerald Truman Released , Duane Thompson Traded to FAR , Todd Ojeda Traded to ALB

ADDED: Eric Ryan Free Agent , Sam Winston Free Agent , Julio Mercado Free Agent , Charles Suzuki Free Agent , Howie Ryan Free Agent , Harpo Westbrook Free Agent , Charles Yamamoto Free Agent , Chad Wilson Promoted , Phil Dunwoody From SLC , Vic Bellhorn From FAR , Ernest Maxwell From JAX , Rick Scott From ALB

Summary: The Boston franchise finished in third place with a record of 72-90. New owner Jamacanheat came to town and in the tradition of  Boston baseball . Spent a shitload of money improving this team. The payroll jumped from 58 mil last season to 92 mil this year. Someone hide the checkbook!!! All kidding aside the previous owner mikesons trimmed payroll both season he owned Boson. And jamacan is reaping the benefits. With so many new faces its hard to get a handle on how good the Knights will be. But i will go out on a limb and say that ."lookout Crushers theres a new guy in town". This team has enough talent they should contend this season.

Cincinnati Howlers (AL)
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GONE: Harpo Westbrook Free Agency , Sammy Diaz Free Agency , Dion Haynes Free Agency , Napoleon Stokes Released , Jude Cunningham Released , Pat Parrish Released , Charles Suzuki Released 

ADDED: Cameron Linden Free Agent , Pedro Guerrero Free Agent , Yuniesky Domingo Free Agent , Luke Harris Free Agent , Hugh Glover Free Agent , J.P. Cunningham Free Agent ,

Summary: Suprise !! One of the most dominate teams in the A L finished fourth . Thier record of 68-94 was the worst finish ever for the Howlers. The most glaring stat is they went from scoring 1040 runs in S-8 to only 690 last year. EGADS!! And it gets worse jmuhtoffs guys had a division record of 9-21. One bright spot was thier record in 1 run games 20-18. Looks like they need Starting pitchers. So with this in mind jmuhtoff went to work and sent underpreforming Pitchers Westbrook, Diaz and Haynes to the free agent market. Then released two more pitchers and threw in a couple of positon guys to get his point across. He then set to bring in fresh talent, and  he did that in free agency. He signed 4 position players to large contracts and picked up a couple of pitchers in the Bargin Bin. I don't think that Jmuhtoff brought in enough pitching talent to right this ship. But sometimes the best defense is Offense. If I had to guess. With the improvement of the Knights and the dominance of the Crushers. This team will finish 3rd or fourth ,out of the playoffs.

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