Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vancouver Totems

The Olympics,finally over in a seaside town that gets more rain than snow, the attention of the people still locked on hockey. I decided to find out why Madmuldoon has tried to place a baseball franchise in this pristine Puget Sound city. I caught up with Mad at Doolins Irish Pub. I was escorted to his table by Miss Smoked Salmon ( something that should probably be left to the imagination). Mad was gorging himself with Fish and Chips washing it down with a pint of Guinness. He motioned me to a chair and bellowed so whats on your mind. First off why baseball here? His answer was typical business " I figured I could capitalize on the Olympic frenzy". Yea but you have done little in this reporters eyes to improve this team. Through a spray of fries that smelled like garlic he bellowed the catching staff is now in intact. But what are your future plans? " rule 5 is approaching and I figure some talent will be there. But the bottom line is the city paid me to bring a franchise here and what ever I do I wont lose money. We are also going to have a new addition to the stadium this summer. Virtual curling pit yourself against the Olympic champs. So you see it really doesn't matter what I do. Its hockey. lacrosse(national sport of Canada) and curling. So let me buy you a pint and dig in the foods free also. I decided to take him up on his offer and dug in.

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