Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hall Of Fame Canidates

Here is the list of available HOF canidates. While I think it is too soon for HOF inductions ,there are a couple that could be considered.

Al McGraw
Age: 37B/T: L/L
Born: Clayton, AL
Position(s): LF/1B/RF/DH
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Awards: AS(4), MVP(2), SS_1B(1), SS_LF(2)
Franchises: Barking Moonbats, Beaver Hunters, Bombers, Posse, River Cats
Owners: illicit, nesman, raybie2305, sordie, velvet_moses

Big Al Mcgraw was a monster at the plate in our first few seasons. He smacked 72 homers and hit .330 in our inaugural  season.Playing for the Durham Bombers, Mcgraw won the MVP award the first two seasons and always hit above .300 in 7 of 8 years. He entered the F/A market in season three and signed with the Nashville Posse, for one of the biggest contracts in Wrigleyville history (5 years 47.5 mil).In S-7 the Posse declined thier option and resigned Mcgraw for a paltry 2.8 mil. I'm sure that Big Al saw the end was near and in S-8 he signed with the Moonbats for the league minimum. He came off the bench and mentored the youngsters on the Helena squad and it was the only year he hit below .300 .But with only 68 at bats who could get in a rhythm? He retired to his home town in Clayton Alabama and keeps himself busy raising Pot-Bellied Pigs. My feeling is that Big Al Mcgraw deserves induction based on his 8 short years in our league. He never hit the DL and was a very consistant player, year in and year out .

Andrew Brumfield
Age: 37B/T: R/R
Born: Alice, TX
Position(s): LF/CIF/OF/DH
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Awards: AS(1), GG_RF(1), SS_3B(1)
Franchises: Black Bears, Bonebreakers, Fighting Illini, Pandemonium, Schrutes, Schrutes2, Slagathors, Tripods
Owners: Arte, boehnerm, pbsilver11, reigny, schefflerk5, tommyboy21

Andrew (the Bum) Brumfield should be arrested for stealing money. After making 72 million in seven seasons in Wrigleyville he hit only .288 striking out 486 times. He now spends most his time in Alice Texas running the streets with the Kingsville Ranch Clan. He belongs on the most 10 wanted list not the HOF.

Vic Kashmir
Age: 37B/T: S/L
Born: Ogden, UT
Position(s): 1B/LF/DH
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Awards: AS(2), HRD Champ(1), SS_1B(1)
Franchises: Blues, Bonebreakers, Braves, Dealers, Devil Rays, Kickapoos, Long Shots, Patriotes, Salmonbellies, Schrutes, Schrutes2, Spuds, Sun Devils, Ticks, Tripods, Wee Wee Kickapoos, Westward Hos
Owners: ajwalton, andypavlovic, Arte, boehnerm, giles21,

Vic (Wooley) Kashmir has had a tumultous career in Wrigleyville. After being traded twice in his first season in the league. He was a solid player who spent a little time on the DL every once in a while. Even though "Old Wooley" averaged over .300 in his career. He only played 6 short seasons and really doesn't have the overall numbers for the HOF.

Edgardo Martinez
Age: 37B/T: S/R
Born: Caripito, VE
Position(s): 3B/1B/2B/OF/DH
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Awards: AS(1), GG_3B(1), SS_3B(1)
Franchises: Bonebreakers, Courics, Ectoplasm, Flying Circus, Schrutes, Schrutes2, Tripods
Owners: Arte, baseballer77, boehnerm, snowedin

Edgardo (Gin) Martinez  spent his first 4 years with the Shrutes (both 1 and 2). Then in S-5 he signed with the Ectos, then went on the 60-DL . He was already declining in abilities and that injury probably kept him from a HOF induction. He has retired to his native country of Venezuala were he is the Energy Minister in charge of the Electrical Grid. He's gonna need a couple more martinis for that job.LOL

Adam Wright
Age: 38B/T: L/L
Born: Wintersville, OH
Position(s): P (P)
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Awards: GG_P(1)
Franchises: Knights, Totems, Spartans, Horny Toads, Turkeys, Toros, Toyotas, Associates, Mickeys
Owners: jaredpaventi, moredog, madmuldoon, elgman, bigyunit, Sandberg10, tsteve28, grhii, Sonofodin52, StylishAdept

Adam (Doo)Wright played 13 games with the Tacomas then was traded to Santa Cruz which is now my team the Vancouver Totems. He started every season for the Knights and did real well winning 50 games in his first 4 seasons. Then I came to town and moved him to the pen where he was asked to hold leads or stop the bleeding. Wright probably would have had better numbers if it wasn't for the move to the Pen but his stats are what they are. Average!!! His ERA and WHIP are very good though. Maybe with a better team he would be a shoe in.

Ivan Ordaz
Age: 38B/T: L/R
Born: Tela, HN
Position(s): LF/1B/DH
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Awards: AS(2), AS MVP(1), SS_LF(1)
Franchises: Black Bears, Dairy Heirs, Fighting Illini, Monongahelas, Pandemonium, Slagathors, Toyotas
Owners: dmann2158, pbsilver11, reigny, Sandberg10, schefflerk5, tommyboy21, zmoty9

Ivan Ordaz  Played 13 games with his original team ,Pittsburgh. The Monongahelas released his big contract and Fargo picked him up. He spent two seasons there and went to free agency in S-3. The Toyotas signed him to a 5 year 40mil contract and became a big part of thier offense. His numbers 142 homers and .296 avg are at first glance not very impressive. But if you take into consideration Ordaz played in that Black Hole of a stadium in Tacoma. Then you may want to vote for this guy. I mean anybody who played in Tacoma without being traded deserves something. Purple Heart perhaps?

Rob Griffin
Age: 40B/T: R/R
Born: Liberty, IN
Position(s): P (Mop)
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Awards: AS(1)
Franchises: Annihilators, Dairy Heirs, Justice, Monongahelas, Rednecks, Stars, Tobacco Farmers, Twins
Owners: atprasad, Chad167, crspinglover, dmann2158, jmas410, nwsheehy007, RubeRant, zmoty9

Rob (The Traveler) Griffin has played for a shitload of teams and has been a solid SP for all of them.Even Though he won 70 games and has a great ERA and Whip. Can  this be enough for induction? To me its close but not enough.But Griffin doesn't care. He is now living in Liberty Indiana selling stuff that he knows best............Suitcases!!

Clyde Little
Age: 41B/T: S/R
Born: HShat, KY
Position(s): P (SP5)
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Awards: AS(1)
Franchises: Renegades, Stars, Browns, Rednecks, Sturgeon, SilverHawks
Owners: crspinglover, shynent, jdbkaput, pat007ohmss, jmas410, ht44601

Clyde (Right Turn) Little was a big part of Milwaukees Rotation for six years. In his first 4 ,he put up HOF numbers . But age started to catch him in S-5 and S-6 where his wins fell dramaticaly. With the writing on the wall he entered F/A in S-7. And was snatched up by St louis for a fraction of what he used to make. He was converted to the Bull pen and that probably killed his chance to make the HOF.I'm told that Clyde is back in His hometown of HSat Kentucky working as a Driving Instructor.

Albert Sanchez
Age: 36B/T: L/L
Born: Bauta, CU
Position(s): DH/1B/LF
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Awards: None
Franchises: Flashers, Highlanders, Hip Waders, Howlers, Legends, Padawans
Owners: bille1222, jmuhtoff, ksoja82, lagzilla, neondeion21

Albert Sanchez also was released by the Pittsburgh franchise in season 1. And he bounced from team to team in his short career. If Albert was a position player he might get a little consideration in a HOF vote. But a Career DH that hit only .264 is not near HOF material. Sanchez could not be found after retirement.

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