Thursday, March 4, 2010


Welcome to the new Owner of the Las Vegas  franchise Drewaely!!  The first thing Drew did was to change the name from the Dealers to the Rattlers. He asked if we could do the interview at his home in Minneapolis. So I flew in (Boy my arms are tired) and took a cab to his lovely home. It took a half dozen rings before the door burst open and a disheveled Drew welcomed me in. While He was catching his breath and tucking his shirt in. I sat in the unused living room couch across from him. I asked my first question.  "From what I can dicern You opened a Chair Manufacturing Plant in South Wazeristan, Pakistan. And it was a total bust .What happened?"  Drew gave me a sad look and said " Muldoon, How was I to know that the Pakistani People would rather squat on the floor than sit in a Chair. Even when they use tables ,Which is seldom. They are as tall as Coffee Tables."  Man thats tough luck Drew. But you'll fit in here in Wrigleyville with the rest of Rocket Scientists. I then asked . Drew tell us about yourself? He smiled and said. "I'm 30 years old and hail from Minneapolis. I got married last August and so far so good. I am a huge Twins fan and a season ticket holder. I'm jacked to take in ballgames where I have to worry about the weather (sunrain, snow!?!). I play golf, softball, fantasy football and now HBD. I'm excited to join Wrigleyville and I am hoping to field a competitive team right off the bat." A newlywed huh!! Boy are you sure you have enough time for this game?  Drew blushed and replied. " Unlike you old farts I can Multi-Task. I can please my Wife and set my lineups at the same time." Then I began to Blush thinking of how that might be accomplished. Well I thanked Drewaely for his time and he escorted me to the door. As the door closed I could hear a sweet voice calling. "Drewwwwy Honey come back to Bed!!"
Well Wrigleyville Fans it looks like if drew can stay off the 60 Day disabled list he will be a longtime owner. My advice to the newleywed. Vitamine-E lots and lots of Vitamin-E. Welcome drewaely!!

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