Tuesday, March 23, 2010


San Francisco
San Francisco Kickapoos (NL)
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GONE: Juan Alvarado Free Agency , Seth Rando Free Agency , Dennis Langston Released , Norberto Ramirez Traded to POR , Brian Nen Traded to LV ,

ADDED: Jerome Stevenson Free Agent , Jeff Dupler Promoted , Placido Telemaco Promoted , Philip Schultz Promoted , Tommie Reynolds R-5 , Ted Jordan R-5 , Pablo Duran From LV

Summary: Another year down and another Division championship for Mark3313. The Kickapoos finished with a N L Best record of 117-45. But this team is snakebit in the playoffs lately. After winning World Series Rings in S-5 and S-6 they lost in the Series in S-7. Then in S-8 the lost in the NLCS and in S-9 they were beat in the DCS. See the pattern?? Well I think Mark did so he let some players go due to salary concerns . And picked up some Comp Picks for his troubles.LOL Then he made a trade sending All-Star 3rd Baseman Norberto to clear some cap space. Picked up Marty Allen and William Tabaka for his Trouble. SOB. Mark then Plugged the holes with a Free agent Pitcher and some KILLER Prospects. Ugh the only thing left was to bring in a couple of Catchers by the R-5 draft and a trade with LV. The San Fransisco team is like a Conveyor Belt sending good players packing and bringing up Future Studs. Mark should win this Division again but the playoffs are always a gamble.

Tucson Ectoplasm (NL)
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GONE: Cameron Linden Free Agency , Vic Velazquez Free Agency , Donn Harris Free Agency , Les Guerrero Free Agency ,

ADDED: Vince Tipton Free Agent , Javier Veras Promoted , Del Bonilla Promoted ,

Summary: This preview was submitted by Smowedin; Tuscon is coming back mostly intact. However, we suffered a significant loss to Free Agency in Vic Velazquez. His production will be nearly impossible to replace.

We went hard after Vince Tipton after San Juan was forced to release him. Although he doesnt bring the power that Viz possesses, we feel he will hit much better than his .272 average in our hitter-friendly park. We look forward to his presence in our lineup.
We prompted P Javier Veras from AAA this year and although he struggled last season, we have high hopes for him. We also brought up Del Bonilla for an additional bat at the plate and glove in the outfield.
With all that said, I am sure we have not done enough to overtake SF and looks like we may be seeking the #5 seed yet again!

GONE: R.A. Bailey Free Agency , Dewey Wall Released , Brendan Bonilla Released , Yoo-Nah Nomo Released ,

ADDED: Sammy Estrada From TOL

Summary:  After making thier first playoff appearance in S-8. The 49'ers took a step back and finished third in the Division .And missed the playoffs with a record of 79-83.Whats the main reason for the 49'ers decline?? Well they went from scoring one of the leagues best 829 runs in S-8 to scoring only 656 last season. Man its hard to win when you score 173 less runs. So What to Do?? Anahiem is up to thier eyeballs in salary and they let a couple of players go to free up som cap. Then Sonneboy made a trade with Toledo to bring in Super Slugger Sammy Estrada. With the addition of Estrada the 49'ers will score more runs. But its not enough to overcome the Kickapoos for the Division. Maybe a wild card if the bats start hitting what they're swinging at. Simple HUH!!

GONE: Amp Haney Free Agency/Retired , Lyle Roosevelt Free Agency , Carlton House Free Agency , Art Matthews Free Agency , Walt Park Traded to LV , Harry James Traded to JAX

ADDED: J.R. Chase R-5 , Hugh Cole R-5 , Butch Punto From LV , Jay Barber From NO

Summary: Last season the Totems finished below .500 for the first time Ever. Madmuldoons squad had a record of 79-83 ,4th in the division. They suffer from the same fate as Anahiem , Lack of run support. One reason we can't hit whats pitched , is that we here in Vancouver have gotten old. Yep!! my guys are spending more time getting massages than working out. I also have trimmed my payroll from 122 million when i took over this club to 70 Million now. At the same time i have built up my farm system with tasty prospects and soon some will join the M L club. In the meantime I let several aging players go and plugged the holes with R-5 Players .And I  picked up some decent Catchers in trades with LV and NO. I Know this team is no where near good enough to win this division. But now with my payroll finally where i like it. It's time to reload!!

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