Thursday, March 11, 2010


One of our favorite owners thejnice has disappeared. It is rumored that the infamous Cyber-Terrorist Simy Bin Downlodin  is involved in his disappearance. Regardless the new owner of the team Kevingrt13, moved the franchise from New York to Seattle. I caught up Kevin at his favorite resturant Illegal Petes on the southside of Chicago. He was working overtime on a Burrito Grande Plate when i slid into the booth opposite him. He glanced up and muffled a welcome with a mouthful of  Tortilla and Meat . I said . "Kevin tell us about yourself?" He picked up the plate and tipped it at a 45 degree angle. The remaining burrito and Petes Special Sauce slid silently into his open mouth. He let out a loud burp then said. "I'm 23 from North Suburbs of Chicago. Currently work in Special Education. Love my White Sox and Blackhawks." The waitress then brought a Sancha Platter filled with Puffy Tacos and Frijoles. While he dug in i asked." Wow a White Sox fan in Wrigleyville . Are you looking to beat up on some Cub fans?" Kevin smiled with a piece of lettuce hanging from his teeth and said. " Us White Sox fans don't worry about them Cubbies. My concern is bringing Quality baseball to Seattle. I've only had a couple of days to look over this team and I'm trying to decide which way to go." with that he polished off the last of the tacos and said he had to catch a plane to Seattle. We shook hands and he was gone , leaving me with the check.
This team had a longtime owner who took good care of it. So Kevin walked into a Win-Win situation. With a few Tweaks here and there they may make some noise in Seattle. Welcome Kevingrt13

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