Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Helena Barking Moonbats (AL)
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GONE: Rickey Strange Free Agency , Al Lieber Free Agency , Adam Smith Free Agency , Julio Mercado Free Agency , Malachi Newson Free Agency ,

ADDED: Raul Flores Free Agent ,

 Summary: Sordie submitted this masterpiece:  Hoping to maintain the chemistry of an AL champ squad, the Moonbats have merely tinkered around the fringes. The only major change was that greedy, moneygrubbing bastard third baseman,Julio Mercado, bolted for free agency, and was replaced by greedy, moneygrubbing bastard third baseman, Raul Flores, who bolted for free agency from some other team. The Bats should still be able to put runs on the board,but an offseason power decline from Wrigleyville fossils Justin Gabriel and Rich Rando may result in a slight drop in offensive productivity. Starting pitching remains the Achilles heel of this squad,but the Moonbat faithful are hoping for increased productivity from the young arm of SP Jeff Burnett, who though he finished with a 15-10 record last season, did it ugly (1.59 WHIP, 5.27 ERA).

Las Vegas
Las Vegas Rattlers (AL)
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GONE: Cory Sullivan Free Agency , Nicholas Dempster Released , Butch Punto Traded to VC , Pablo Duran Traded to SF ,Timothy Recchio Waived , Carter Reed Waived

ADDED: Gene Vitiello Free Agent , Jerry Mailman Resigned , Nigel Hasegawa Free Agent , Brian Nen From SF , Walt Park From VC ,

Summary: New Owner drewaely takes over for Purplehaze who finished second with a record of 70-92. Purple sold his team and quit his job, to take his dream vacation up a unamed river in Vietnam. "The horror". Drew Let an aging pitcher in Sullivan go, and released Dempster . He traded a couple of players to San Fran and Vancouver. He brought back Hasaegawa and resigned Mailman. He Then plugged holes with a few role players. Las vegas has one of the highest payrolls in the league .So i believe Drew is just tweaking his lineup a little to see if he can get his moneys worth out of these guys. I think they may play better this season but I'd be suprised if they can beat the Moonbats for the division Crown . Maybe a wild card is in thier future?

Albuquerque Turkeys (AL)
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GONE:  Alan Baumann Free Agency , Gregory Milton Free Agency , Jo-jo Pierre Free Agency , Jerome Stevenson Free Agency , Hootie Mahaffey Free Agency , Eric Ryan Free Agency , Chris Hatcher Released , David Otanez Traded to SD, Jacob Marshall Traded to SD , Rick Scott Traded to Boston , Harry Saberhagen Traded to SD , Sandy Hiatt Traded to Indy

ADDED: Richard Jung Free Agent , Norm Daniels Free Agent , R.A. Bailey Free Agent , Eric Kydd Free Agent , Jimmie Gonzalez Free Agent , Sammy Diaz Free Agency , Josh Greene Free Agent , Dewey Wall Free Agent , Jared Coffie Free Agent , Mario Hunter Free Agent , Willy Daniels Free Agent ,Russell Haynes Promoted , Stu Leary Promoted , Todd Ojeda From Boston

Summary: After finishing Third with a record of 69-93.Jaredpaventi cleaned  house !! JP Sent this entire squad packing and brought in free agent mercenaries. JP went out and bought a whole new team by spending 41.4 mil on Free agents . Then plugged what few holes remained with Prospects and a pitcher from Boston. With so many moves its hard to guess how good this team will be . But with all the hired arms on the Turkeys pitching staff . They could soar into Playoff contention. This might be the most improved team in the league or the biggest Stuffed Bird!! I broke out my lucky wishbone and *snap* . My wishbone says these Turkeys will Fly!!

San Diego
San Diego Salmonbellies (AL)
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GONE: Henry Worthington Free Agency , Rob Smith Free Agency , Victor Carrasco Free Agency , Jamey Richardson Free Agency , Yuniesky Domingo Free Agency , Sterling King Released , Ryan Leiter Released , Endy Lee Released , Derrek Friend Traded to ALB , Victor Barajas Traded to ALB

ADDED: Christopher Locke Free Agent , Eduardo Sanchez Free Agent , Donn Harris Free Agent , Lawrence Kerr Promoted , Dan Scutaro R-5 , Larry Speaker R-5 , David Otanez From ALB , Jacob Marshall From ALB , Harry Saberhagen From ALB

Summary: After finishing in fourth in the A L West with a record of 65-97. Mydymond knew he had to make some moves to get this team swimming. He let some Type A and B players go by way of Free Agency and picked up a bunch of first round picks. Then he spent a little Cash in the Free Agency Sweepstakes. He picked up some Albuquerque Cast offs in a trade and plugged in a couple of R-5 Players. With the improvement of the Turkeys and the dominence of the Moonbats . This team still needs more time to contend for the Division. But with all them draft picks mydymond will make a Run in the future.

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